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  1. 1. +91-9871057657Skin Care : 5 Tips For Healthy Skin
  2. 2. Good Skin Care TipsDont have time for intensive Skin Care. Good skin care and healthy lifestylechoices can help delay the natural aging process and prevent variousskin problems.Pampers your skin with the basics: Protect yourself from the sun Don't smoke Treat your skin gently Eat a healthy diet Manage stress+91-9871057657
  3. 3. Protect yourself from the sunSun Exposure can cause : Wrinkle, Age Spots, Skin Problems, Skin Cancer.For Sun Protection: Use Sunscreen(SPF). Seek Shades. Wear Protective Clothing+91-9871057657
  4. 4. Don't SmokeSide Effects Of Smoking: Skin look older. Wrinkles Narrow tiny blood vessels,which decrease blood flow. Destroy Collagen & Elastin.Best way to protect your skinQUIT SMOKING today.+91-9871057657
  5. 5. Treat Your Skin GentlyDaily cleansing and shaving can takea toll on your skin.To keep it gentle: Limit bath time. Avoid strong soaps. Shave carefully. Pat dry. Moisturize dry skin.+91-9871057657
  6. 6. Eat a healthy dietEating food habits play a significant role in skin health.The right foods can also help you Fight acne, Minimize wrinkles, Enhance your skin's natural beauty. Promote younger looking skin.+91-9871057657
  7. 7. Manage StressStress causes a chemical response in your body that makes skin moresensitive and reactive. It can also make it harder for skin problems to heal.Stress also affects: Worsen Skin Problems, Interfere with daily skin care. Itchy, ugly rashes Frown lines Dullness+91-9871057657
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