The ABCs of Healthcare Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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The ABCs of Healthcare RPO

The ABCs of Healthcare RPODecember 10, 2014Hiring will get Harder6Talent on the MoveIndustry InsightsHCAP ImpactTechnology InnovationTodays Presenters3TanyaTesseymanVice President, RPOJanet ElkinPresident& CEOThe ABCs of Healthcare RPO4Competition for TalentIncreasing DemandThe Perfect PartnerThe Increasing Demand for Talent

Expanding Competition for Talent

Future ImpactTraditional Competitors8HistoricallyUrban Public HospitalsCommunity HospitalsState HospitalsSurgical CentersFuture ImpactEmerging Competitors9SchoolsClinicsCheck the FactsUrban Public HospitalsCommunity HospitalsState HospitalsSurgical CentersTelephonicOutpatient CentersInsuranceLink to 159The Right Fit11Vertical ExpertiseCandidate QualitySolution FlexibilityPerformance MeasurementPartnership FocusSolution Flexibility = niche skill sets/working with existing resourcesProcess Flexibility = Partial/Full ProcessPartnership Focused = Flexibility11Thank You

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing a Decade Later What it Means for Buyers, Providers, and Results [Webinar]Contact Presenters20Supplemental Health CareTanyaTesseyman214-862-2999Janet Elkin435-776-7250Jelkin [at] supplementalhealthcare[dot] com Ttesseyman [at] supplementalhealthcare[dot] comRPOA20