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LOSS/GAIN WEIGHT BY HERBALIFE 1.3-5 Kg P.M and amazing inch loss and scientifically proved with pure vegetarian and balance diet. 2.It has no chemicals and no side effects. 3.Increase energy levels, fitness and vitality. 4.Boost digestion and immunity. 5.Best nutrition also for your children. 6.Ask for free Body Evaluation. Call Ms. Ashi-9717858028



2. 2 Who We Are ! 3. 3 Founder of Herbalife Mark Hughes Herbalife Founder & First Distributor (1956-2000) Herbalife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, who was a pioneer in recognizing the value of high-quality Meal-replacement protein shakes and nutrition supplements for healthy living. Since then the company has grown into A global force. 4. 4 Michael O.Johnson Herbalife Chairman & CEO Leading The Company Michael O. Johnson Herbalifes Chairman & CEO joined Herbalife in 2003 with a 17 Years of experience in a company like Walt Disney. He sets the vision and strategy, and is the voice of the company to over 2 million Independent Distributors in more than 81 countries. He oversees all aspects of the companys global operations, and ensures the company has the resources necessary to meet its goals. Under his direction, the company has had five years of double-digit sales growth - as well as building a global brand through its sponsorship of athletes, events and teams around the world. 5. 5 Herbalife Today In The World In Global Nutrition Industry for 36 years, headquartered in LA Live, Los Angeles. Herbalife operates in 88 countries through a network of 4 million independent distributors. 2011 recorded a retail sales of USD 5.4 billion. At our own manufacturing facilities we are manufacturing 25 percent of our global volume. Newyork Stock Exchange (NYSE) Listed 6. 6 Herbalife India, Bangalore Herbalife India operating successfully since 1999 A sales strength of over 200000 Independent Distributors across India. Herbalife India operates from 12 centers to support operations across India. State of the art manufacturing facility located in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh to bring out our Inner Nutrition range of products. Our Outer Nutrition products are imported. Herbalife Today In India 7. 7 1980 1984 1996 2004 2006 2009 2010 2M 500M 1.0B 2.4B 3.0B 32 Years of Strong Growth 5.4B 2011 8. 8 Dr. Anoop Misra Director and Head Department of Diabetes & Metabolic Diseases Fortis Hospitals Awarded Padma Shri by the President of India. Awarded Dr B C Roy award (highest award for medical science in India) Served as personal physician for 2 Prime Ministers Of India Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board India 9. 9 Herbalife Sponsored Athletes - India 10. 10 Established in 1994, HFF touches lives of hundreds of children. Over 72 Casa Herbalife Programs supported across the world. Since 1999 Herbalife India has been supporting NGOs like SOS India & Smile Foundation to benefit Children in India. Herbalife In Community 11. 11 Faces of Indian woman Wife Mother Sister Daughter Bread Earner Social Diva Indian Women in Modern Times 12. 12 Most women work in the informal sector Women accounted for only 23% of total workers The number of female workers has increased faster than the number of male workers over years Restricted work options for women based on social factors. Female Employment In India Opportunities 13. 13 PERSONAL HEALTH FAMILY HEALTH FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT SELF CONFIDENCE RECOGNITION BALANCING WORK & FAMILY BENEFITS OF HERBALIFE BUSINESS 14. 14 15. 15 Inner Nutrition Products For Your Nutrition 16. 16 Weight Management Products 17. 17 Targeted Nutrition Products 18. 18 Energy & Fitness Range Of Products -Available in Lemon, Peach, Elaichi & Ginger Flavors 19. 19 Childrens Health 20. 20 Outer Nutrition Products For Your Nutrition 21. 21 NouriFusion Range of Products 22. 22 NouriFusion Range of Products 23. 23 Radiant C Range of Products 24. 24 Skin Activator Range of Products 25. 25 Aloe Range of Products 26. 26 Fragrances 27. SEEING IS BELIEVING 28. WOMENS HERBALIFE OPPORTUNITY MEETING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY 29. 29 The Herbalife Opportunity YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME! 30. 30 The International Business Pack Business in a bag Opportunity to operate business in 88 Countries 31. 31 YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO START 1. Application Form 2. Registration Card 3. Formula 1 & Afresh 4. Business Manuals 5. Training DVD s 6. Sponsor 7. Success Training System Immediate Retail Profit 25% - 42% 32. 32 Income Opportunities Retail Profit: 25% - 50% Wholesale Profit: 7% - 25% Royalty Override Income : 5% Production Bonus : 2% - 7% Mark Hughes Bonus: 1% 33. 33 As a Senior Consultant you can earn 35% to 42% Discount. Senior Consultant 34. 34 Place a single order of 1,000 VP with a 42% discount Success Builder 35. 35 A Qualified Producer is eligible to Earn 42% Retail Profit Earn up to 17% wholesale profit (commissions) on purchase made by downline Distributors at 25% or 35% Qualified Producer Benefits 36. 36 Supervisor Benefits Earn 50% Retail Profit Earn up to 8% - 25% Wholesale Profit Supervisor 37. 37 Step to Success Distributor to Supervisor 25% - 50% 38. 38 THE STORIES & INCOME RESUTS SHARED ARE INDIVIDUAL TESTIMONIALS AND MAY CHANGE FROM WHAT IS DISCLOSED. THE PRODUCTS ARE NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOISE, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE OR AILMENT