5 Growth Hacking Strategies + Google Analytics tips & tricks

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    Growth Hacking


  • Growth Hacking

  • Growth Hacking

  • Its taken us 5 years to scale Web

    Summit from 400 attendees to 30,000

    While conference companies hire event

    managers, we hire physicists with


    They then apply that knowledge and

    understanding to the task of creating

    and optimising real life networks.

    After all a conference is a network,

    albeit a momentary one.

  • Growth Hacking: know WHO your customer is, know WHAT their issue is, know WHERE they are. Then, HACK!

  • Meetup Goals

  • Learn




  • Work on Your Business

  • and Take Action

  • #ecomDublin

    Share & Network



  • Rodolfo Melogli

    Author ~ Internet Mktg Consultant ~ Web Developer

    Lego Addict


    Goal: Helping Business

    Owners increase sales,

    brick after brick

  • Steal THESE!

    (Google Analytics tricks)

  • so you can identify the URLs

    that are most effective in

    attracting users to your content.

    Google URL Builder

  • a service that takes long URLs and squeezes

    them into fewer characters to make a link that

    is easier to share, tweet, or email to friends.

    Google URL



  • having properly configured Goals allows Google

    Analytics to provide you with critical information, such as

    the number of conversions and the conversion rate.




  • Google Analytics

    Search Tracking

  • tracks Add to Cart Event, conversions,

    conversion rate, Shopping Cart abandonment

    Google Analytics

    Ecommerce Tracking

  • Google Analytics

    Content Experiments

  • Why Growth Hacking?

  • Weve got Data

  • We can Forecast

  • We have the Tools

  • Growth Hacking


  • 1. Integration Hacks

  • Same login/pwd

    200+ M active users

    1 billion/mo

  • Once those Craigslist users made the switch, they were more likely to ignore

    Craigslist and book through Airbnb in the future.

    Auto-post to

  • Login with

    58% of Facebooks users and 50% of Twitters users log in each day.

  • See Who You Already Know

    We all face the same problems: we connect with people in different ways online, and this is an offering to

    manage that in a better and smarter way.

  • 2. Content Hacks

  • Create Content

    Todays customers -- yep, even your customers -- want content. They read

    content, and they convert based on content Neil Patel

  • Use Content

    Targeted local SEO posts, traffic on FB for 3 cents per click, then

    retargeting offers

  • Email Content (+Offers)

    Email Marketing is

    still the best and cheapest tool to convert sales

  • 3. Freemium Hacks

  • Create an awesome Freemium

    "Paperless is not the goal.

    Great experience is

    the goal.

    We want to eliminate the stupid uses of paper."

  • Use Freebie to help with Growth

    P.S. I Love You. Get Your Free Email at


  • Receiver Must Create an Account

  • Get the Premium Version!

  • 4. Referral Hacks

  • Benefit both parties

    Friend referrals instil more trust than an advertisement. Furthermore , the sender has an incentive to spread the word about Dropbox -getting extra space. The referee also has an

    incentive for signing up - more space than if they just signed up through the normal process.

    This total costs Dropbox 1GB of space far less than a Google AdWords buy.

  • Unlock extra features

  • Other referral examples



    - OR -


  • 5. JV Hacks

  • Use bloggers traffic

    Ryan Holiday:

    We contacted bloggers with

    100.000 readers/month.

    We gave them affiliate links in exchange for a book review.

    A win-win hack.

  • Tap into Existing Networks

    I published a roundup post asking bloggers their best tip for promoting blog content. Over 40 different

    experts gave their views on the topic

    It attracted over 4,000 social shares and remains the most shared post on my blog. It allowed me to

    connect with influencers I now consider friends.

    All this despite the fact that my blog was relatively new and I was not well-known within my space.

    Brian Lang

  • Workshop

  • #1

    Choose a strategy that

    suits your business

    1. Integration

    2. Content

    3. Freemium

    4. Referral

    5. Joint Venture

  • #2

    Write down strategy outline

    1.Who is this for?

    2.What do they need to do?

    3.How can you implement it?

    4.Whats the CTA?

    5.How are you going to Track

    this (KPIs)?

  • #3

    Create a 30-day plan and:

    1.Schedule tasks

    2.Schedule outsourcing

    3.Set up tracking & goals

    4.Assess in X days

  • Thank you!

    1. Q&A

    2. Meetup

    3. Take Action!


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