5 Insane Facts Every Digital Marketer Should Know

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  1. 1. Ilitkcoll7 Facts Every Di ital Marketer should nowonly 2 of the top 10 most popular sites on the web are content sitesI Content (20%) I Non Content (80%)People spend more Internet time in mobile apps than on P680 to 20 30 40 50 so I Mobile Evmvsei I Pc Evmvsei I Apvsone third of web traffic is mobile 9I Mobile (33%) I PC (67%)86 percent of mobile time is spent in apps.not onlineI Em~ser(iA%) I Apps (sewOrganic search refers more Irafc.and more converting trafo.than any other sourceso 4030 2 to is9 I E!2 U Tram: Tram:rt I Sncizl Media Slles Email Mzrkelmg Campaigns I otnet Retemnq SitesI OVQBNC s I Soctai Medlitktlmll