5 things STILL! TOO! HARD! in Plone 5

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Text of 5 things STILL! TOO! HARD! in Plone 5

5 things that are STILL! TOO! HARD! in Plone 5UX HitlistDylan Jay @djay75

Plone 5 is awesome!

Its slick and modern!

This creates interest

but it works pretty much the same(except bulk editing)

But Plone UI is good right?Maybe we have Stockholm syndrome?

The UX HitlistShowing where we suck since 2013

Not much ticked off

UX issues are bugs too

But these are hard problems!We have the will but...Often no obvious correct solutionOften conflicting opinionsOften conflicting strong opinionsOften SubjectiveDevelopers dont have user problemsDevelopers dont scratch other people's itches for freeUX team cant tell you developers what to doNo Limi to follow

me, (just now)We choose to make the easiest to use CMS, not because it is easy, but because it is hard;

a friend of mine, (ages ago)A good startup is something that is doing something that is either really hard or really boring

Plone 6 USPPlone 6 is the easiest CMSEasiest to useEasiest to themeEasiest to get startedEasiest to keep secure

Problems before solutions (PBS)(was SOAPIE - Subjective/Objective/Analysis/Plan/Implementation/Evaluation)5 whys to the get root USER problemList ALL the options not just your favouriteProblem centric - focus on the best compromiseSolution centric - choose +1 or -1 and fight! PLIPs are Solutions before Problems :( PLIPs broken

#1- Folders are brokenI added a page, how do I add a subpage?I clicked on display and now my landing page is goneHow do I edit a menu name?How do I publish a folder? (it has a default page)Why do users get a login? it says the page is publishedI made a page, but now I want to turn it into News?Where do I add new news?Its tedious move around the site to add things

Keep display views but provide more help

Folderish contentPages are folders but keep display viewsHow to make other content types landing pages?Pages are folders with tilesRemove the display viewsRemove default viewsReplace with tiles and compositionDefault page = embed tileDoesnt have to be mosaic

Placeless contentAssign content to menus?How other CMSs work.Create first, add menu item, link the two.con: possible to create bad IAshortcuts to recent foldersor hybrid. move inside edit/add

Add new and edit let you place content.Sensible defaultsLimits you to where type is allowed

#2 Content types are brokenHow can I have a map in the middle of my content?I want a collection but have text above and below itHow do I insert a flash video?I want three kinds of listings on my page

MosaicThe art of theming is deciding how much control you give to editorsMosaic is editor friendlyLets hope its themer friendlyProtected tiles?what if you want to not let editors layout?What if you theme doesnt use grids?

#3 Sharing is confusingI have 20 different roles in my organisation, where is the custom role button?Is can edit the same as Editor?If I click on submit for publication, what happens?How do I know Ive been given the editor role?Why is my content still viewable in a private folder?how can I share my content without publishing it?How can I share my content with outside users?

Sharing ideasGet rid of the word roles. Permissions? Capabilities?Get rid of global roles. Do it via sharing in the rootCombine workflow and sharing. Dialog should show which users/groups can do what in which statesEncourage groups as roles. Groups first in the UI. Ability to classify groupsContent rules on sharing changes

One idea: show both who can review your content if you want to submit for review

#4 - Buildout is broken/Getting started is hardI create an empty site but how do I make it into shop/blog/intranet/brochureware site? I just want to start with a simple blog, do I really have to run my own server?I want to try a plugin. Do I really have to use this command line thing?adding this plugin broke plone by upgrading something

Distributions/CloudKnown good sets of pluginsParagon as a versions.cfg in the collectiveInstallers with plugins includedInstallers with default site content includedInstall Plone - do you want a blog site?Cloud first on plone.org. Cloud before installersDistribution dependent themes - plugins are thereploneblogs.org - Medium for ploners.

HackabilityCustomising a CMS to build an app is stupidjbot is evilWe need TTW pluginsbuildout hates new usersPlomino/rapido - app framework on top of ploneGet rid of tutorials promoting Dexterity to build apps

#5 Theming/CustomisationI want to script something. buildout/packages/mr.bob wtf?why do I need these rules when I can hack an html file?why do I need to hack an xml file when wordpress has so many themes?Why do I need to theme the backend? No other CMS does.I have to do what to change this wording?I have to do what to change a LESS variable?grunt/bower/bootstrap/registries/jbot/?

Theme ideasRemote theme browser built into Plone. One click install. Promote TTW first - Single Integrators UI Include integration code in a theme (fragments)Include translations in a themeInclude Generic Setup in a themeInclude default site content in a themeCustom tile types in a themeSingle zip export + Pull and push as git built into plone

GlossDiazo is great but not a low enough bar for the average designer - David BainGloss - preset rules using standard classesLearn css classes so you dont have to diazo: pro or con?


Include Backend.xml + if-content:css=body.frontendIn plone 5 - yah! - reduces the time to theme

I think UX is more important thanRefactoringSwitching away from ZopeSwitching away from ZODBNew content type frameworks

Who are we trying to attract?

We will never win over python developers. Stop trying.We should target Drupal/Wordpress/Craft/EE devs + designers Upgrade to Ploneremoving zope only helps by removing negative brand

Lets make Plone 6 really end user-driven!The end - Dylan Jay - PretaGov UK/AU