5 web design tips for a professional website

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5 Web Design Tips for a Professional WebsiteYou have a great website, but you are not getting the traffic levels you are looking for. Sadly, most businesses in this position fail to realise that their website is part of the problem. Theres no such thing as a perfect website. Changing things up every now and then can get you the results you need to move forward.

If you are a website designer in Glasgow who needs to improve a website, here are five clever tricks you can use.

1. Reduce the Clutter

One of the biggest issues you will see on any website is clutter. We live in an era of minimalism where users want to see their questions answered and nothing else. Do not be afraid to leave some extra white space. It can really help to highlight the areas that really matter. See where you can combine certain sections and where you can remove irrelevancies.

2. Web Design Recon

Instead of fiddling around with your website in the vain hope you will get something right, conduct some recon. Any digital agency in Glasgow knows the importance of research. Find someone in your industry who is more successful than you are and view his or her website. What are they doing that is different to you?

Take some ideas and implement them on your own website. Give them a small probationary period and act accordingly.

3. Visual Hierarchy

Think of your visual hierarchy and think of what readers are going to see first. Studies have shown that when we visit a website our eyes start at the top-left corner and move to the right, before going down again. We read websites as we read books.

This should tell you to put the most important parts of a page towards the top-left. Rearrange some aspects of your page with the visual hierarchy in mind.

4. Simple Fonts Work Best

Make fonts easy on the eye. Stick with common web fonts like Arial and Verdana. Make sure you stick with plain old black and avoid any contrasting colours. Be consistent with your fonts across the website. If people find they cannot ready a web page, they will click away rather than struggling through it.

5. Does Your Website Work with Mobile?

It is not uncommon for an SEO consultant to find serious leakage of traffic when it comes to mobile performance. The fact of the matter is about half of all Internet traffic comes from a mobile device these days. If your website does not work effectively on a mobile device, you are missing out on a serious number of visits.

Most websites do not have mobile compatibility built in automatically, especially older websites. They are easy to convert, but you have to make a conscious decision to do so.

Power up a mobile device and see what your website looks like. Is it easy to navigate and is it easy to get what you want from it? If you have not thought about intuitive design, the chances are the answer is no. Make your site usable on mobile devices and you will soon start to discover more and more people using and interacting with your website.