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  • 1. ATAG & Drupal 8Making it easier to produce a11y content!

2. About me!Drupal 8 Core Accessibility MaintainerSpearheading accessibility improvements since2008.Mike GiffordPresidentOpenConcept Consulting Inc.Ottawa, Canada 3. Authoring Tool A11y GuidelinesATAG is well defined, but still getting baked.W3C Working Draft 7 November 2013 4. Drupal 8Drupal 8s also still a work in progress.Expected to release in 2015. 5. Why ATAG MattersAs much as designers, themers & developersmight want . less technical people areusually going to be producing most of thecontent of a website.If a site is going to be accessible... 6. The LegalThe UN Convention on the Rights ofDisabilities AODAGoC 7. What is Content Anyways?Articles, Stories, Blogs, Articles, FAQsAnything that conveys meaning between thewebsite & the user.Images, videos, charts, tables... 8. Creating Something Great! Compelling Meaningful Semantic Personalized Localized Interactive 9. How Can a CMS Help? Consistency Structure Workflow Data analysis Simple Checks Updates 10. CKEditorMost user edited content will be comingthrough CKEditor, so putting pressure ontheir bugs is important!IBM is leading the accessibility improvementsfor CKEditor for both WCAG & ATAG. 11. ImagesRequired textWhen is alt= appropriateHTML5 support for longdescKnowing how to use it properly for ATfigure/figcaption 12. SpellingIts really hard for a machine to correctly read(a screen reader) a mis-spelled word, orclick on a misspelled link using voicecommands (Dragon Naturally Speaking)Also usually bad for SEO. 13. Readability & Broken HTMLThere are open source programs to assessreadability.Several filters address broken HTML, sadly,none seem to be keeping up with HTML5. 14. ATAG Parts A & BA) Make the editing interface accessible(WCAG)B) Essentially WCAG P.O.U.R. - Support theProduction of Accessible Content 15. A3 Editing-views are operable Provide keyboard access to authoring features Provide authors with enough time Help authors avoid flashing content that could cause seizures Slow animations and motion sickness - Enhance navigation and editing via content structure Provide text search of the content Allow users to manage preference settings Ensure that previews are at least as accessible as user agents - (Comingin D8) 16. A4 Editing-views are understandableHelp authors avoid and correct mistakes Fixing broken HTML Highly structured semantic content Required imagesDocument the user interface, including allaccessibility features - (Not yet) 17. B1 Auto-Processes & A11y Content Ensure that automatically-specified contentis accessible (CKEditor) Drupal 8 is doing pretty well. Ensure that accessibility information ispreserved (CKEditor) Cut/Paste from Word 18. B2 Support Content Authors Ensure that accessible content production is possible Guide authors to produce accessible content Assist authors with managing alternative content fornon-text content Assist with accessible templates Assist with accessible pre-authored content 19. B3 Support A11y of Existing Content Assist authors in checking for accessibilityproblems Assist authors in repairing accessibilityproblems 20. B4 Promote Accessibility Features Ensure the availability of features thatsupport the production of accessible content Ensure that documentation promotes theproduction of accessible content 21. Conclusion...Accessibility is complicated Making it easierto create accessible content is morecomplicated But by working together wecan make it easier for everyone to worktogether. 22. Thanks!!!This presentation will be at Consulting Inc