Google analytics becomes universal analytics

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This blog article treats the following subject : Google analytics becomes universal analytics To read more about it or about others articles on tips, tricks, techniques and methods for effective and lasting success please visit our main site Or our blog


  • 1. 18/9/2014 Google Analytics Becomes Universal AnalyticsEffective Methods For Lasting Success Through Great Tools For Your Business And Your MindEffective Methods For Lasting SuccessSearch...Connect On:HomeContactProductsBlogFranaisGoogle Analytics Becomes Universal AnalyticsHome Tips & Tricks Google Analytics Becomes Universal AnalyticsIf you log in to your Google Analytics account you will see that there have been some changes. Butbefore talking about it let us just summarize rapidly what Google Analytics is.What is Google Analytics?Since a image is worth a thousand wordsGoogle Analytics is a tool that will allow you to know the metrics of your webpageGoogle Analytics is a tool that allows us to analyze and track the number of visitors that came on ourweb page whether it be a site, a blog or even a fan page on a social media. It is really important toknow your audience to be able to better understand its needs. And with this free tool at your disposalyou can just do that.To access Google analytics just click hereGoogle Analytics is no more! Long live Universal Analytics!The world is in a constant evolution and the virtual world is not an exception! So what does this 1/6

2. 18/9/2014 Google Analytics Becomes Universal Analyticschange necessitate from your part? To put is simply you just have to agree to their new amendment.To do so nothing easier, just log in to your account. As soon as you are logged in you will be greetedby this little grew box.Youll be greeted by this messageStep 1: Click on AdminThe box is going to update, explaining why those changes and offering you a link to the full report. Toput it simply and not to waste time with details that I believe wont really change your life, Im goingto highlight a very important point:Upgrade to get a deeper understanding of your users through new tools and moreaccurate dataClick On Account SettingsStep2: Accept the changesTo do so, we are going to click on : Account SettingsThen we are going to accept the changes and save. Once its done you will see something similar: 2/6 3. 18/9/2014 Google Analytics Becomes Universal AnalyticsAccept the changes and saveWhere do we find the Tracking Code?The tracking code is still in the same spot. For those who forgot Im going to give you a quickreminder. So we go back to the previous menu and in the middle column well see: PropertyThe third option, Tracking Info will offer us to see our Tracking code. All we have to do to see itis to click on it.Your tracking code is waiting for you here ;)Here youll see that you have the choice between Tracking ID or Tracking code. Enter the oneyou need depending on what you have blog / website / fan page. 3/6 4. 18/9/2014 Google Analytics Becomes Universal AnalyticsIf you do not know which one to use a easy fix it to try one and wait for 24h if you see this messageneed the Tracking ID:If you see this then all is wellThen everything is great, if not just put the other one!Dont hesitate to ask your questions bellow or simply leave a comment!Share this:Twitter 2 Google LinkedIn 3 Facebook 2 Email MoreBy Eric Boukaram on 16/05/2014 / Tips & Tricks / Leave a comment0 commentsSign in 1 person listening+ Follow Share Post comment as...Newest | Oldest | Top CommentsSubscribe to mynewsletter to receivemy articles, tips andtricks for a lastingsuccessName: Your Name...Email: Your Email...Sign Up!We respect your privacy 4/6 5. 18/9/2014 Google Analytics Becomes Universal AnalyticsYou Dont want To Miss This:CategoriesInspiration & Quotes (28)Make Money (16)Recreation & Meditation (16)Tips & Tricks (34)Useful Tools (7)AdsLatest Posts8 Crucial Facts You NEED To Know Before Working OnlineFact #1 Owning The Gurus Product Is Not Enough To Become A Guru...Fact #8: Its Easier to Sell with StorytellingTo see my Eight Crucial Facts You Need To Know Before Working Online Click... 5/6 6. 18/9/2014 Google Analytics Becomes Universal AnalyticsFact #7: Without Persistence Dreams PerishTo see my Eight Crucial Facts You Need To Know Before Working Online Click... 2014 | Entries (RSS) | Comments (RSS)Back to Top 6/6