How to Keep Your Password Safe

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How to Keep Your Password Safe

Need of a Strong Password

There has been a rapid evolution and proliferation in the usage of computer technology for almost every purpose in our daily life, from booking cinema or railway tickets online or transfer of funds to connecting to social networks to online shopping The Internet is full of all the websites and mobile apps which are there to ease our daily transactions.

Advantages of the internet come along with risks associated, as we provide all the confidential information pertaining to us, we actually never get to know if the information is being misused by any means. We are very well aware of cyber hackers and online conspirators who constantly strive to get note of all our credentials, the first thing they look forward to cracking down is the password youve given to secure the account so the best option is to keep a strong password typically the ones which are not easy to guess or crack.Although almost every website provide certain guidelines for providing passwords but following these default guidelines makes your password secure.

Ways to Keep Safer Password

Never Keep an Obvious Option: The first thing every hacker would try will be trying for a probable password combination like your name, Birthdate, Address, your pet name and so on. So the best option is to avoid using any passwords that can be easily guessed.

The length of the Password:Different websites suggest different password lengths but keeping the length between 8-10 characters is advisable.

An amalgam of Different Characters:The idea is to keep text along with a unique combination of special characters, passwords are case sensitive so we can play around with the capital and small letters. An ideal example can be something like LetUsWin@2017

Occasional Change of passwords:Changing password once in a while is a nice way to secure the password.

Keeping different passwords:For every portal or web service we use, we should keep different passwords, this would significantly reduce the risk of losing complete access to all the portals in the case of any breach.

Using Different options:These days a significant importance is being given to the privacy and security options so many big web giants do provide a two-step verification process in which you get a one-time password either in the form of a message or an email, this OTP can be used to get access to the account.

Last but the most important factor is that we should completely avoid sharing our password or any other confidential information to an unknown person or unreliable sources.

All the aforementioned points are effective strategies and they significantly strengthen your password security. Digitalization is a boon to us all we need to do is be a bit careful and cautious

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