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Information Update

Information UpdateIFISH Meeting - December 2015

Inbar Yasur | T +972 4 6013103 | M +972 54 9988090 | E | W

Inbar Yasur | T +972 4 6013103 | M +972 54 9988090 | E | W


Google Updates2


Google: Single or double quotes both work the same


Google Replaces web Results with all Results


Alternative Search Engines5




HulbeeNew search engine from Switzerland promises:Privacy in searching Semantic understanding of query and resultsWord clouds7

Get impersonal search results from GoogleImpersonal.Meis a web app built on top of Google that strips away any and all personal preferences that Google takes into account when you search for something, giving you unadulterated results.8Impersonal.Me

Get impersonal search results from GoogleSearch from IsraelSearch from U.S.9


Gmail tips that have a daily impact on work


Gmail Tips - Enable Undo Send for last-minute email editingFear no more! Undo Send helps you delay your email for a few seconds so you can modify it.Go to Gmails Settings

Undo Options is now on and allows you to delay sending your mail for 10, 20, or 30 seconds, giving you the option of undoing the send.


Gmail Tips - Use canned responses to save time craftingA high percentage of the emails we write are somewhat similar, or refer back to something weve already sent.

Often-typed long messages could be standardized for the most part, and then customized a bit for each individual answer.

Just compose Canned Responses and retrieve them and reuse at a later time.


Gmail Tips - Use canned responses to save time craftingGo To Gmail > Settings > Labs > Canned Responses


Gmail Tips - Use canned responses to save time craftingGo To Gmail > Settings > Labs > Canned Responses


Link to visual guide

Gmail Tips Use Gmail OfflineKeep working while offline Catch up while on a plane/train/boatDisconnect and focus on creative tasksAllows mail to be read, responded to, searched and archived without network access.


Gmail users can now block specific email addresses with just two clicks.

In the top right hand corner of a message, click the drop-down menu button (upside down triangle), and select "block." (It appears with the name of the sender in quotes.)

Any future messages from the blocked addresses will land in the spam folder.

Change your mind and want to unblock them? Go to the Settings page and add them back into your good graces.

Gmail Tips a new Block sender Option17

Gmail Tips a new Block Sender option


Gmail Tips a new Block Sender option19


Transcribe video files to text with YouTubeUse the CC button to automatically make a text transcript 21

Transcribe video files to text with YouTubeDownload Audio Transcriptions from YouTubeUse the CC Button

Press F12 on Windows OR Option+Cmd+L on Mac to open the JavaScript console inside Chrome Developer tools and paste the code:if(yt.config_.TTS_URL.length) window.location.href=yt.config_.TTS_URL+"&kind=asr&fmt=srv1&lang=en

It will open the transcribed text of the uploaded video in the current browser tab as shown in this short video

Save the file with a .html extension and double-click to view the transcription in plain text.

22Read More

Video AlertsVideo-Alerts is a service that allows you to get an email notification when new videos are uploaded to YouTube, on whatever topic you choose. Be the first to watch!Basic account is free (with ads), and allows tracking of up to 10 keywords, and updates once per day.Be the first to learn about new videos and post them to your blogFollow your favourite artists and performersStay updated about your industry, market, and competitionLearn when someone reviews your product, or just mentions it in their videoQuick notification on any subject that interests you


YouTube Shortcuts The J keyTakes the video back10 secondsThe K keyTakes the video forward 10 secondsThe K KeyAllows you to play/pause YouTube videosThe 1-9 keysAllow you to skip to certain percentages of the video, so pressing 1 takes you 10% into the video, pressing 2 takes you 20% into the video The 0 KeysTakes you to the start of the video. This works both when youreplaying the video and when you have paused it

Full list of Shortcuts


YouTube Data Viewer Citizen Evidence by AmnestyCheck the validity and authority of the videos that you watch. Citizen Evidence by Amnesty allows you to extract the meta data to get information that YouTube doesn't give you. If multiple versions of a video have been uploaded you can check out the earliest version.See all of the thumbnails associated with the video. And do a reverse image lookup to see where else they appear on the web.


Protect your Google account with password alert looks like a fairly standard login page, but its not. Its what is called a phishing page, a site run by people looking to receive and steal your password. 26

Protect your Google account with password alert If you enter your Google Account password or Google for Work password into anywhere other than Google's sign-in page, youll receive an alert, so you can quickly change your password if needed.

Password Alert also checks each page you visit to see if it's impersonating Google's sign-in page, and alerts you if so.27

Productivity Tools28


Archive Web Pages Wayback MachineThe Wayback Machine can be used to save any web page on-demand as well. Enter the URL of any public web pages in the input box. The archiver will download a full copy of the page, including all the images and assets, on their server. It will make a permanent archive of the page that looks exactly like the original and will stay even if the original page goes offline.29

Archive Web Pages Archive.ISThe Archive.IS is very similar to in the sense that you enter the page URL and it will make an exact snapshot of the web page on their server. The page will be stored online forever but here you also have the option to download the saved page as a ZIP file. Ittoo providesdate based archives so you can have multiple snapshots of the same page for different days.30Archive.IS

ShortcutsControl-Shift-T willreopen the last closed tab in your browser.


ShortcutsIf you're in Chrome and want to highlight the URL, Control-L will highlight it for you.


Quickly get insights on a spreadsheet using Explore33

You can see automatic charts and analysis based on the data in your spreadsheet using the Explore feature. Find patterns in your data and add the charts directly to your spreadsheet.


Templates, Insights, and Dictation in Google DocsGoogle's standalone web apps forDocs,SheetsandSlidesnow show a list of templates you can choose to quickly create a document, spreadsheet or presentationDocsResume, Letters, Reports, Project Proposal, Brochure, Letters, Meeting NotesSheetsTo-do lists, Annual budget, Calendar, Schedule, Invoice, AttendanceSlidesStatus report, Case study, Consulting proposal, Recipe book, Portfolio


Specialized Big Data Tools35


USPTO The information behind the dataThe PatentsView search tool allows audiences to interact with nearly 40 years of data on patenting activity in the US.Use the tool to explore trendsTechnologicalRegionalIndividual-level Through several search filters and multiple view options:


USPTO The information behind the dataWho are the top inventors in Google Israel?


USPTO The information behind the dataWho is the top Israeli Assignee?38

From Fee to Free Provided by the U.S. Census Bureau, USA Trade Online is a dynamic data tool that gives users access to current and cumulative U.S. export and import data. With multiple data sets and capabilities, USA Trade Online can assist different types of customers from a wide range of industries and fields:ManufacturersAcademic researchersEconomistsGovernments and federal agencies 39

CrunchBaseDiscover innovative companies and the people behind them

The CrunchBase Dataset is constantly expanding through contributions from a community of users, investment firms, and a network of global

European Data PortalThe European Data Portal projects main workstreams is the development of a new pan-European open data infrastructure. Its goal is to be a gateway offering access to data published by administrations in countries across Europe, from the EU and beyond.The portal includes over 240,000 datasets from 34 European countries.41

Data.govThe home of the U.S. Governments open data

The portal includes over 192,349 datasets42

Social Networks44

boardreaderBoardReader was developed to address the shortcomings of current search engine technology to accurately find and display information contained on the Web's forums and message boards. 45

Social ShareSocial Share is a free plug-in to PowerPoint to make it easier to share your content and slides to your social network.Post your slide as an image, album, or even as video!You can choose any format you want to share your content. Your friends can see your post on Facebook, comment on it, and provide you feedback!See your social updates in PowerPoint itself!When your friends comment on your post, you can see it in PowerPoint.46

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Inbar Yasur | T +972 4 6013103 | M +972 54 9988090 | E | W

Inbar Yasur | T +972 4 6013103 | M +972 54 9988090 | E | W