Things to consider before buying Web Hosting

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Web Hosting is one of the most fundamental part of an online project. It's so important that choosing the best one is very difficult and time expensive. Using Web Hosting Comparison sites like this process is faster and easier, but it's also essential that you know things to consider before buying a web hosting. So read it before start to search the best web hosting for your needs, you'll probably save money and time!


  • 1. Things to Consider Before Buying a Web Hosting

2. Why Web Hosting is so important? Web Hosting is fundamental in any online project Web Hosting makes the website accessible to the entire world Load Speed matters, it helps to increase sales and ranking A good one, save you time, money and headache! 3. Hosting Plan Free - $0 - only to do tests Shared - $5-$10/mo. - most common, low traffic VPS - $30-$50/mo. - medium-high traffic Cloud - $150-$300/mo. - medium-high traffic Dedicated - $300-$2000/mo. - top solution 4. Unlimited Many web hosting providers promise unlimited resources Nothing is truly unlimited If the load of your site grows significantly, the provider will advise you to move to a higher hosting plan or, even worse, make the site temporarily unreachable Read unlimited section in TOS 5. Speed It's a the key point to consider when choosing hosting Good user experience Google announced Speed is one of the hundreds factors that affect rankings in search engines Use tools such as pingdom or gtmetrix to measure the response time 6. Support Look for good and fast support that knows how to solve problems Available 24/7 Phone, live chat, ticket, email... Can save you a lot of money and frustration 7. Web Space & Bandwidth Web space is the physical space you have available on the server You can even upload multiple sites under different domains onto the same web space --> save money To get a rough estimate of the required bandwidth, multiply the average weight of a page and the number of page views in a month 8. Uptime It's the percentage of time guaranteed by the hosting provider in which the site will be accessible and visible Values around 99.9% are excellent 9. Features Understand what you really need Site builder 1-Click Installer for CMS (WordPress, ) Automated backups Unlimited emails account 10. Price Price should not be the main deciding factor If you want good performance, you have to pay for it A good Shared Web Hosting usually starts by $5/mo. 11. Read Recent Reviews Read only recent reviews (less than 2 years) Try to distinguish the real reviews from the fakes We found only two sites had consistently reliable reviews: Ask also on forum 12. Last Tips Search for __ Days Money-Back Guarantee Free domain for the first year. Attention! From the second year onwards, you will be charged You can buy the domain from other providers, then point the DNS to your web space Ask pre-sale questions 13. Save Time You have right, searching the best web hosting is really time expensive. Save time using Web Hosting Comparison sites like and find the best web hosting for your needs. It already considers all recent user reviews in its SWHC Score, in addiction to hosting providers data and social signals. Be smart! ;) 14. Thank you! 15. Credits pictures.jpg