Turn visitors into customers with your landing page

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Turn Visitors Into Customers With Your Landing Page


Header:Should be relatively narrow;Should include your logo.WebsiteSprout.com

Headline:This is the most important text on your landing page.WebsiteSprout.com

Video / Image:Choose something that looks professional and shows the benefits you offer.WebsiteSprout.com

Body Copy / Bullet Points:It should be short: just 2 or 3 short paragraphs and no more than 5 bullet points.WebsiteSprout.com

Call to Action:This is where people sign up for your offer.WebsiteSprout.com

Credibility Zone:Place some testimonials to show credibility.WebsiteSprout.com

Another Call To Action:Place the form and remind people the main benefit theyll have by signing up.WebsiteSprout.com