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1. How To PredictForex 2. A trend is a strong tendency for afinancial instrument to continueits price trajectory, either up ordown. Drawing a trend line on aprice chart of any financialinstrument can help you analyzepast price action and predict futureturning points, though you cannever have 100 percent accuracy. Itworks well in the foreign currencyexchange market (FOREX) wherechart-driven analysis is common.While drawing How To Predict a trend Forexline mayseem straightforward, some basictips can ensure you draw itcorrectly. 3. A chart is a graphic representationof past price and volume action. Achart makes it easy to see a trend:a rising chart means rising pricesand is called an uptrend; adeclining chart means decliningprices and is called a downtrend. Atrend can also go sideways - no realchange in prices over a period oftime, or stall - not move up or downdespite trading pressures andprevailing expectations.How To Predict Forex 4. No financial instrument moves in astraight line. Prices in an uptrendmay close down for one or severaldays; prices in a downtrend mayspike for one or several days.Fluctuation usually refers to dailyor very short-term price changes,but the larger the time frame, themore visible a trend becomesdespite daily price fluctuations.How To Predict Forex 5. How To Predict Forexhttp://andylank.com/cash-flow/