Wandoujia Mobile Search Milestones

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Wandoujia has published developer specifications for the world's most popular in-app search. Here's a look back at the company's history of pioneering mobile search products.

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2. A Mobile Pioneer The vision has remained the same since the companys rst line of code was written in December 2009: The gateway for mobile users to discover, download, enjoy, and manage their content anytime, anywhere. ! Wandoujia has achieved this vision by pioneering mobile search products. Chinas mobile market has followed each step Wandoujia has taken. 3. App Search Engine Instead of an app store, Wandoujia built an app search engine for Android users. Wandoujias app search indexed apps from across the fragmented market of dozens of Android app stores in China. SEARCH A search for Angry Birds on Wandoujia. INSTALL INSTALL 4. In-App Video Search In September 2013, Wandoujia debuted its rst in-app search product: Video Search. Users can use just Wandoujia to search through 10 popular video apps to nd the movies and shows they want to watch. WATCH WATCH Video Search Subscribe Dramas Movies Reality Animated 5. Search Across All Content In January 2014, Wandoujia released the 4.0 Android mobile client. One search yields results in apps, videos, and ebooks. A search for Big Bang yields video results for the popular TV show Big Bang Theory followed by app results for the game Mushroom Bang. Videos Ebooks WallpapersAppsAll WATCH WATCH INSTALL Videos Apps 6. In-App Search Program Wandoujias IAS program provides developers with specications for retrieving, indexing, and launching content within apps and also supports the in-app search standards from Google and Quixey. On March 27, 2014 Wandoujia announced its In-App Search Program, opening the worlds most popular search for mobile entertainment to new developers. Searching for a Ming Dynasty history book yields results in the Ebook section. Tapping Read, a user is presented with the option of which app to launch the content. Since ReadingJoy () partnered with Wandoujia for IAS, Wandoujia has increased the number of daily new users it drives to its app by 200%. READ READ READ Select an app to read Videos Ebooks WallpapersAppsAll 7. A Valuable Ecosystem 350,000,000+ total installs 800,000+ new installs a day 1,000,000+ of each: unique apps & games movies, tv shows, & videos ebooks Wandoujia is committed to creating a more valuable ecosystem where users can nd great content and developers connect with more active users. 8. The Wandoujia Model Platforms Wandoujia Mobile Search App stores App developers User accounts In-app search and search algorithm Android Windows Web Referrals & IAP Video apps Content providers (Ebooks, wallpapers, music, etc.) 9. The Mobile Search Index Wandoujia's monthly report on mobile trends in China: http://appindex.wandoujia.com 10. The Team Located in Beijing 250+ employees and 4 cats SoftBank, Goldman Sachs, DCM, & Innovation Works are investors First conceived in December 2009, with co-founders from Google China and Nokia-Siemens 11. Contact Us tyler@wandoujia.com ! Tyler Cotton International PR