5 Simple Seo Tips For Small Businesses

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  1. 1. 5 Simple Seo Tips For Small BusinessesSmall business entrepreneurs who have just commenced their Search engine optimizationcampaign may find that there is no end to the depth and complexity inherent in searchengine optimization. Its no secret; Google is king of the search engines. This is why themajority of your SEO efforts should be focused on getting your website indexed byGoogle. It is not likely that your small local business will be able to compete with largenational companies, their keywords and SEO efforts.Many companies try to take a do-it-yourself mindset to SEO implementation that endswith them sloppily stringing together popular search terms or stuffing keywords oncontextually irrelevant web pages. Some businesses implement Search engineoptimization so poorly that, in some instances, Google may disregard their website as aspam site.A beautifully designed website is good for a companys image. However, the samewebsite with no traffic is bad for business. Here are some simple SEO techniques anysmall business can do today to boost its search engine rankings:1) Identify your Intended AudienceThe first step in any SEO campaign should always be determining who the intendedtarget audience of your good or service is. While its easy to simply focus on yourbusiness as the driving force behind your SEO operations, it always helps to be a morespecific in your approach. By selecting a certain product as the core keyword of yourcampaign, you will be capable to attract much more traffic than otherwise.2) Google Local Business ListingIt appears Google has realized this and has accommodated the small local business ownerby creating free Google Local Business Listings. Many times if a Google user searchesfor a particular business niche and types in a city, the Google Local Listings will appearbefore all other listings.Claiming a Google Local Listing is simple, free and quick. All you have to do is sign upfor a Google account and claim your business. Once signed in you will be able tooptimize your account by entering in your services or products, updating your location,providing contact details, uploading images or video, and adding other relevant businessinformation. After your updates are finish you will be sent a PIN and need to enter it inorder for the listing to be seen by Google users.3) Social Bookmarking for TrafficIt is time to begin driving visitors to your website using free social bookmarking tools.There are a number of social bookmarking websites, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon,
  2. 2. Reddit, and many more; each is a excellent way of introducing Internet users and searchengines to your website and content. Each time a fresh blog entry is written, it shouldimmediately be bookmarked on the social bookmarking website of your choice. Bybookmarking the pages and new content of your website, you are helping search enginesquickly locate your website and index new information.4) Constantly Produce Unique ContentIncreasing your companys web traffic and domain authority is only the first step in yourSeo campaign. While a few SEO companies may concentrate entirely on obtainingpotential customers to your site, giving users a reason to keep on your website is going tobe vitally important. Original content, such as a weekly blog or community activities, cango a long way towards capturing an audience and convincing them to continue interactingwith your site until a sale is made.5) Quality vs quantity BacklinksBacklink quality counts more than quantity. "Id rather have five good-quality links than5,000 crappy ones," said Rhea Drysdale, chief operations officer of Outspoken Media,during a recent link-building clinic at the Search Marketing Expo (SMX) conference inSan Jose.In standard, a quality backlink is an endorsement in some way of your Web content froma trustworthy and/or authoritative site.When the content of the article, the anchor text, and the page being connected to are allon the same topic, Google will see that as a quality link, and that kind of link is whathelps in your search engine results position.Hope these simple tips can help web masters and small business owners to expand theirbusiness online. One must continuously innovate and monitor the SEO campaign in orderto gain success in the virtual world.Online presence is not sufficient; one needs to optimize this presence to grab chances. Itsessential, that small business owners learn few tricks and tips for search engineoptimization of their websites. You can always use small business SEO services to helpyour SEO, because sometime SEO are very time consuming. And you need to invest yourtime to other aspect of your business.