BASF "We create chemistry" strategy

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BASF plans to strengthen its position as the world’s leading chemical company. In its further developed strategy “We create chemistry”, BASF outlines how it wants to achieve this. This presentation was given at the Investor Day in London on November 29, 2011. For more see

Text of BASF "We create chemistry" strategy

  • BASF Strategy: We create chemistryLondonNovember 29,2011
  • Forward-looking statements This presentation includes forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, including those pertaining to the anticipated benefits to be realized from the proposals described herein. This presentation contains a number of forward-looking statements including, in particular, statements about future events, future financial performance, plans, strategies, expectations, prospects, competitive environment, regulation and supply and demand. BASF has based these forward-looking statements on its views with respect to future events and financial performance. Actual financial performance of the entities described herein could differ materially from that projected in the forward-looking statements due to the inherent uncertainty of estimates, forecasts and projections, and financial performance may be better or worse than anticipated. Given these uncertainties, readers should not put undue reliance on any forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements represent estimates and assumptions only as of the date that they were made. The information contained in this presentation is subject to change without notice and BASF does not undertake any duty to update the forward-looking statements, and the estimates and assumptions associated with them, except to the extent required by applicable laws and regulations.BASF Strategy: We create chemistry__November 2011 2
  • What do we want to achieve today? Explain where we stand today and how this supports our future growth Share our view on major trends and growth perspectives of the chemical industry Present our new strategic principles and financial targets Show how our strategy will increase shareholder valueBASF Strategy: We create chemistry__November 2011 3
  • Our strengths Portfolio development Team Innovation Operational excellence Verbund Growth Customer orientation The Chemical Company Technology Acquisitions Investments Sustainability Employer attractiveness Diversity & InclusionBASF Strategy: We create chemistry__November 2011 4
  • BASF today Trends Purpose and strategic principles Targets Strategic levers BASF tomorrow Board prioritiesBASF Strategy: We create chemistry__November 2011 5
  • Outperformed global chemicalproduction by 4 percentage points p.a.Sales to third partiesin billion 70 6460 BASF total growth 7.8% p.a. 11 6 12 BASF volumes + M&A 6.6% p.a.50 BASF volumes 4.1% p.a.40 14 Global chemical 33 3.0% p.a. production3020 2001 Volumes Prices Currencies M&A 2010BASF Strategy: We create chemistry__November 2011 6
  • Portfolio development towards moremarket driven and innovative businesses Acquisitions BASF Divestitures core business Crop protection Pharma Selected transactions Engineering plastics 2001 today Fibers Electronic chemicals Printing systems Custom synthesis Polyolefins Catalysts Strong partnerships Polystyrene Americas Construction chemicals Agro generics Water-based resins Gazprom Vitamins premix Pigments Monsanto Fertilizers (planned) Plastic additives Petronas Styrolution (planned) Oil & Gas Shell Personal care & food Sinopec Total 9bn 15bn (Sales excl. planned (Sales) measures)BASF Strategy: We create chemistry__November 2011 7
  • Strong sales and earnings increasein all segments Sales EBITDA Initiatives for growth by segment in billion by segment in billion New steam cracker in 11.4 Port Arthur 3.0 Start-up of Verbund siteChemicals 5.0 in Nanjing 0.90 Expansion of Antwerp 2001 2010 2001 2010 New technologies (e.g. acrylic acid) Integrated world-scale 9.8 plants and technology leadership 5.4 1.7Plastics New plants (MDI/TDI in 0.53 China, HPPO in Antwerp) Innovations: Ultramid, 2001 2010 2001 2010 Ultradur, Neopor, EcoflexBASF Strategy: We create chemistry__November 2011 8
  • Strong sales and earnings increasein all segments Sales EBITDA Initiatives for growth by segment in billion by segment in billion 12.3 Ciba / Cognis Strong relations with 7.4 2.2 multinational companiesPerformance 0.52 New plants (Citral, SAP,Products surfactants, PIB) 2001 2010 2001 2010 Innovations: Personal care and food ingredients Engelhard / Degussa Construction Chemicals