LawKick Pitch Deck

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Pitch deck for investors interested in LawKick, a marketplace for legal services.

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  • The easiest way to nd legal help. Wednesday, November 6, 13
  • Problem Its difcult to nd legal help that is Personalized Accessible Affordable Wednesday, November 6, 13
  • Problem A huge market Why is this the case? $100B $100B annual market for small biz and consumer legal services that is highly fragmented 49% of lawyers in private practice are solo practitioners operates inefciently Prices are inated due to high client acquisition costs Efciency and drives up prices. Wednesday, November 6, 13 Prices
  • Solution Bring the market online to create efciency. Aggregate small legal service providers onto a single platform Make it easy for consumers to connect with them and solicit legal services Decrease client acquisition costs for solo practitioners and small law rms Enable greater accessibility to legal services at competitive prices Wednesday, November 6, 13
  • Product A marketplace where people can connect with local lawyers and receive personalized price quotes for the legal help they need. Fill out a questionnaire Wednesday, November 6, 13 Get bids from lawyers Compare, communicate, and hire
  • Solves Needs on Both Sides Accessibility Measurable ROI Price Transparency Highly Qualied Leads Personalized Services Competitve Prices CONSUMERS Wednesday, November 6, 13 Efcient Client Acquisition More Exposure and Client Volume LAWYERS
  • Team Michael Chasin BS$in$Biology$+$ University$of$Arizona,$ Summa$Cum$Laude$ JD$+$Loyola$Law$School$ MBA$+$Loyola$ Marymount$University$ Founder$and$CEO$of$ AppVenturous,$LLC$ Previous$business$ experience$founding/ selling$event$planning$ company$ President$and$Sole$ Founder$of$ZBT$ Fraternity$chapter$at$ UNC+CH$ Focus:$biz$dev,$sales,$ partnerships,$ fundraising$ 3+$years$experience$ developing$mobile$ apps$and$games$ Focus:$UI/UX,$product,$ user$acquisiKon,$ vision,$strategy$ Wednesday, November 6, 13 Stas Baydakov $ Aaron George BA$in$Business$+$UC$ Santa$Barbara$ 15+$years$of$ experience$in$coding/ website$development$ Previous$founder$ experience$running$a$ web$development$ company$ Focus:$front$end$&$ back$end$ development,$analyKcs$
  • Main Competitors Wednesday, November 6, 13
  • Differentiation Personalization Based on specic needs and budget Transparency Lawyers/clients can screen one another before interacting Breadth Covers all major areas of law Wednesday, November 6, 13 Pricing A free service for consumers
  • Market Size $300B Total annual market for legal services in the US Wednesday, November 6, 13 $100B Annual market for consumer & small biz legal services $2.5B Estimated annual marketing spend for small law rms
  • Business Model 3 revenue sources Pay-per-Contact Lead Gen Fees Fees for qualied leads when a client contacts a lawyer after receiving a bid Lawyer Subscriptions SaaS model, with tiered monthly fees for access to different features and tools Lawyer Advertising Monthly fees to be featured or promoted within particular practice areas and jurisdictions Wednesday, November 6, 13
  • Investment Opportunity Seeking a $1.3M series seed investment (24 month runway) Primary use of proceeds: Hiring 2 more engineers to continue building and improving the platform Advertising, marketing, and PR to generate awareness and acquire users Wednesday, November 6, 13