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Quotes About LifeLife is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.

Motivational Quotes

Waiting for the perfect moment? Waiting until you lose the weight, learn more information, or have a better place to start from? Or, are you striving for perfection and giving up when you dont find it?The word perfection can really throw a wrench in your motivation. When you think that perfect is where you need to start from, act from, or end up, then you will be disappointed again and again, and that will affect your motivation in life in a big way.

Happiness Quotes

We all want more happiness in our lives, and the following happiness quotes can help us find it. They offer insight from people who have experienced unhappiness and happiness, who have learned their lessons the hard way, and who have gained enough insight to understand what happiness is really all about.

UnmotivatedThe distance between dreams and reality is really far and impossible.

Quotes About Life

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