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  1. 1. VISUAL EXTENSION FOR AUDIO SPEECH RECOGNITION SYSTEMSOsetrov Victor- CEO/Founderwww.realspeaker.netRealSpeaker Lab LTD.
  2. 2. ProblemRestrictions of audio speech recognitionprograms Noise limitations Can not fix micro pauses in speech Specific of database Internet channel Max. accuracy
  3. 3. SolutionRealSpeaker technologyincreases the rate of speechrecognition: Detection speech of real orator Exact selection of micro pauses Suppress of background
  4. 4. Our advantagesTechnology Productivity Fast data processing Permanent improvement of ourtechnologyUsability: Save output text Hand free solution Recognition of any long-speech Voice
  5. 5. Project status TodayWe are active testing oursolutionLip reading is from 10% to 60% more efficient recognition ofvoice speech* -*Scientists of PLoS ONE, 2009, USAOutput speech
  6. 6. ProductExample of RealSpeaker workingprototype in the near
  7. 7. Expenses Wages of employers: 8 x 9 months x1 k$: 70k $ Equipments: Web server20k $ Hardware Org. expenses Sending documents for registration of20k $
  8. 8. Competitors Our technology is need for: Google Voice Search Dragon Naturally Speaking Microsoft Speech Recognition, Windows Automotive Siri Apple Kinect2 Microsoft Direct competitors: Google Face Recognition Face/Smile Detection, Face Shutter Open
  9. 9. Business-model B2B Direct sales of licenses or the entire project to software vendors, strategic partners. B2C (Try & Pay, Freemium) Sell SaaS or desktop solutions for developmentof our technology. $ 15 for subscription per
  10. 10. InvestmentsP/L1 year, k.$ 2 year, k.$ 3 year,k.$Expenses11030007000Revenue 125 800050000 Income + 15+ 5000 +43000 Sell (software) 9k 550k3500k We invested into the RealSpeaker project over 45k. $: Russian scientific grants U.M.N.I.K. and N.A.I.R.I.T Grant of LG company Own
  11. 11. Team RealSpeaker Lab LTD. Kazan, IT-Park Our team: Osetrov Victor (CEO) Styopin Alexey (CTO) Sukhareva Maria (CMO) Oblopov Andrey (developer) Prazdnikova Fania (tester) Our need: 3 web-developers
  12. 12. Resume RealSpeaker visual extension to audio speech recognitionprograms; Product license of our technology /SaaS solutions (application or software): Marketplace App Store$ 15 per year Android Market RealSpeaker Lab is resident of Skolkovo (Russian Siliconvalley)
  13. 13. Contacts Kazan city, IT-Park, RealSpeaker Lab LTD. Web-site: Email: Tel.: 8 927 87 333 21 Links: @RealSpeaker Need investments: 110 thousand $.Hope for future cooperation!