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RealSpeaker - visual extension to audio speech recognition systems. Russian revolution at speech recognition technologies


  • 1.Early start-up stage Video enhancement of audio speech recognition solutions Viktor Osetrov- CEO/FounderRealSpeaker Lab LTD.www.realspeaker.netFrom December11

2. ProblemExisting speech recognitionprograms are very limited:Max. accuracy 60% or lessSensitive to noiseRequire fragmented speechRequire broadband Internet connectivelyAs a result:Painful to use! 3. SolutionRealSpeaker solution uses parallelanalysis of audio and video stream: Extraction of orator`s speech from theoverall stream Automatic speech fragmentation Automatic output of resulting speechMain benefit:>up to 40% improvement inrecognition 4. Competitive advantages Technology low cost! Algorithm self-adapts to any user Our algorithm is 5 times more productive than nearest competition Works with any camera Works on most laptops Usability Easy to use High accuracy Hands free enabler Automatic text output can be saved and 5. Working prototype Alpha- version Self-adaptingOutput of recognizedLip positionspeech totracking 6. Technology roadmapValueQ4, 2012 Expecting 2XimprovementQ4, 2013 50k users accuracy(actively sellingQ3, 2012 licenses) Transfer technologyQ1, 2013 Free testing ourto web technology on 2-3k users Q4, 2012 Launch the free beta-versionStage of developmentOur goal:RealSpeaker on every smartphone! 7. Financial planP/L1 year, k.$ 2 year, k.$ 3 year, k.$Expenses-25o -3000 -7000 - Wages of employers -150 -1500 -3000 - Equipment-60-1000 -2000 - Org. expenses-40 -500 -2000Revenue+150+8000+50000 Income -100 +5000+43000Sales (software) 1k 55k350k We invested into the RealSpeaker project over > $ 8. Market* to TechNavio, 2010) (according Served market~ $ 613 m (2010)Our technology is needed Served marketfor: ~ $ 933 m (2013 est.)Google Voice SearchNuance Communications Total available market Microsoft Speech~ $ 4 bn (2010) Recognitionothers Total available market> $ 7 bn (2012 est.) 9. Perspectives The technology is widely applicable: navigation; on-line banking; automotive; mobile devices.Broad licensingpotential! 10. Team RealSpeaker Lab LTD. Resident of Skolkovo (Russian prototype Silicon Valley)Viktor Alexey Viktor Alexey Osetrov StepinPashkov Goltsov CEO, Founder, CTO, bachelorEngineer,Engineer, Russian scientificand master of PHD, Research Academic degree: grantee UMNIK, engineering and Center SamsungAssociate Professor, NAIRIT, granteetechnology, Electronics, ROSNANLeading 11. Summary RealSpeaker visual extension to audio speech recognitionprograms Performance improvements >40% Business model: technologylicensing Seeking additional funding of$250k for product launch andmarket developmentOur 12. Contacts Kazan city, IT-Park, RealSpeaker Lab LTD. Web-site: Email: Tel.: + 7 927 87 333 21 Links: @RealSpeaker you very much!