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Twinkler makes sharing moments with friends easy

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Sharing made easy


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The Team Top grad from top universities passionate about start-ups and technology

T!e F"#t-$d D%&

Arnaud Drizard

Ecole Polytechnique HEC Paris London School of Economics Rocket Internet – Nigeria Schlumberger – UK Rothschild – France Geeky Entrepreneur, Passionate about design & UX/UI (10 years of drawing classes) Web & Mobile Apps Dev: HTML5 & CSS3, Java, Javascript, Obj. C Proficient with Photoshop & Illustrator

T!e B'(k-$d D%&

Jules Marcilhacy


Ecole des Mines de Paris McKinsey & Cie – Brussels Peugeot Citroën – Shanghai Ambitious, Coder, Took less time to become a geek than to visit 5 continents

HTML5 & CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Symfony2

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Our Vision

People love spending time together on evenings, weekends or holidays. They love it so much they even live together.

And we love this too.

But what we don’t like is people fighting over little details. We want them to focus on the essential:


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The Problem

People often lack…




What if we had the answer to these problems at all time with us?


- Which hotel do we choose ?

- Whose car do we use ?

- Who leaves earlier ?

- I paid the bill, how do we split?

- How do I pay you back ?

- Who keeps track of expenses ?

-  When do we leave?

-  Where do we go?

-  Who wants to do what ?

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We provide them with the simplest way to share moments


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•  To-dos & Shopping lists •  User-friendly group chat

Create an event

Invite your friends

Track Expenses Pay back your Friends Plan

•  Free mobile bank transfer •  Ultra-simple expense sharing platform

Whenever, Wherever

… with everyone

•  iOS & Android apps •  Responsive website •  Email reminders •  Notification system

•  Friends •  Family •  Flatmates •  Colleagues

Twinkler 3 killer features for unique moments with friends

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Beautiful planning

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Simple Expense Sharing

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Free and Instant Payback

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Payback your friends instantly and for free: •  E-Wallet and mobile bank transfer offer new way to move money:

send money in one click with just the recipient’s email address •  Integration with Google Wallet: user-friendly, fast and secured

New technologies, new usages, new opportunities

Will you still pay back your friends with coins & notes in 2014? Do you still communicate with post-it notes on the fridge?


Synchronise, anywhere and with anybody: •  Stay connected whenever, wherever •  Automatic synchronisationbetween platform to have everything

exactly when you need it

Use your existing accounts: •  Find your friends easily within your Facebook friends or your Gmail

contacts •  Load your events directly from Facebook with the Event API

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Peer-to-peer payments: outsourced Building partnerships with financial services


Value proposition: a win-win partnership



User Acquision: •  We bring more users to grow

their business

User Education: •  We teach our users how to use

mobile payments and incentivise them to use these solutions for local purchases

Technological Resources: •  Financial services have the

technology to offer peer-to-peer payments at no cost

•  The only cost is developping an API to integrate their technology into our platform

Financial Services are enthusiastic about this partnership: S-Money agreed to take on the development costs of integrating their services into Twinkler

Examples of potential partners:

Free payment solution

Traffic generation

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P2P payments: since 2011, they reshape people’s relationship to money Venmo: processed $200 millions in 2012 Dwolla: now processing $50 millions per month Google Wallet: going global

P2P Payments, Communication & Collaboration: 2013 hottest topics on the start-up scene


Communication: people can and do share more and more content WeChat: 400M registered users – 50M to 300M in 2012 (+600%) Path: 9M active users in May – now adding 1M users a week MessageMe: 1M users after 7 days – 5M after 75 days

Collaboration: mobile devices and 3G enable all-time synchronisation Evernote: 34M registered users – 1.4M paying (CR: 4%) Doodle: 15M active users – +50% in 2012 Wunderlist: 3.5M users

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User Acquisition: our strong and viral identity ensures an important organic uplift

1 User

1 Event

5 New Users


Organic traction: an event from one of our user bring us many more users!

Partnerships Featured Downloads

§  Parnterships with P2P payment services for mutual communication

§  Referrals on partner


§  Student events/contests

§  Purchased downloads on the iTunes Store and Google Play

§  Purchased recomendations/tests from Tech blogs

§  Student & university clubs mailing lists (>10 000)

§  Community Management:

- Facebook/Twitter posts - Blog posts

Newsletters & Social Media

Online marketing: cheap and lean strategies to reach a wide audience

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User Retention A social eco-system to retain every customer


Cross-platform Integration

Peer pressure

§  Proven results: Wunderlist, Evernote

§  Single payment Business model encouraging once-payers to keep using Twinkler

§  Registered people pushing to use Twinkler as they paid it

§  People living in flatshares using the app on a daily basis pushing to use it on week-ends

§  Mailings on strategic dates (week-ends, holidays)

§  Monthly emails with global balance, expense summary and pending to-dos

Reminders & Notifications

Integration in Social Networks to accelerate and simplify the user-education bring Twinkler closer to its users

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Try-and-buy Business Model: Free for 6 months - 3€/year after

Free access to Twinkler for 6 months Test it, like it, keep it!


Annual fee of 3€ afterwards Steady annual revenue No commission fee from iTunes or Google Play No fear of trying


REVENUE (k€) 0

5 75 200

20 200 600


2014 S1

2014 S2

2015 S1

2015 S2

Very low development cost for a SCALABLE business: -  Low IT development costs -  Most development skills within the founding team -  No wariable costs on payments

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Action Plan


NOW JULY 13 August 13 October 13 December 14

Graduation ----------------- Kick-off

Product Built --------------------

2nd financing round

-------------------- Business Building

MVP launching -------------------

Beta Version -------------------- With online

payback -------------------- Market test $ $

Development Team

Front-end Dev. Arnaud

Back-end Dev. Jules

Mobile App release



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With 50k€ and challenging mentoring we build an amazing product and confirm the traction


Mentoring & Guidance Structure & Network

Funding: 50k€ will provide us a 10 month autonomy (before round 2)

Recurring Costs Amount per month

Cost of life 3 000 €

Office rent 500 €

Bank 70 €

Accounting fees 200€

Servers 70€

Soft (github, xero, ...) 40€

Total 3880 € x 10 = 38 800 €

Other costs Amount

Lawyers 2 000 €

Marketing 6 000 €

Other investments (domain names, stationery…) 500 €

Total 8 500 €

What we look for:

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Contact us

Arnaud Drizard Jules Marcilhacy


Email: [email protected]



Mobile: +33 6 98 90 78 51

Email: [email protected]



Mobile: +33 6 76 32 62 88