After a Car Accident in Oklahoma: Things You Need to Do and Not to Do

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<p> 1. AFTER ACAR ACCIDENTIN OKLAHOMATHINGS TO DOAND NOT TO 2. IMPORTANTtoREMEMBERthe actions you takeafter the accidentwill have agreat impacton the outcomeof your case 3. AFTER ANACCIDENTThings That YouNeed to Do 4. CONTACT THEPOLICEIMMEDIATELY.Wait for them toarrive at thesceneCONTACT 911IMMEDIATELYif someone ishurt or injured 5. CALL YOURINSURANCE COMPANY.Alert them to what hashappened 6. SEEK MEDICALATTENTIONIMMEDIATELYif you suffered asevere injury 7. AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE,TRY TO GATHERENOUGH EVIDENCENeed help or assistancewith providing compellingevidence for your case?Look for acar accident attorneyin Oklahoma 8. AFTER ANACCIDENTThings That YouDON'T Need to Do 9. DON'T ALLOW THEOTHER PERSON TO LEAVEAsk the driver to stay andwait for the authorities tocome and verify thesituation 10. NEVER GIVEUNNECESSARYINFORMATION TO YOURINSURANCE COMPANYWhy? Some of theinformation you willprovide can be usedagainst you 11. Your insurancemay be REDUCEDor worst, DENIED!Your insurance adjusterwill be the one todetermine compensationamounts. 12. YOUR ATTORNEYCAN ALSO DEAL WITHTHEM ON YOUR BEHALF. 13. NEVER WAITFOR TOO LONGTO TAKE STATEMENTSFROM WITNESSESThey might forget theimportant details.Get statementsright away fora strong chance ofwinning the case. 14. NEVER NEGOTIATE ORAT LEAST ATTEMPTTO HAVE QUICKSETTLEMENTS FROMAN INSURANCE COMPANYIf you do this, you wont beable to receive fullcompensation for pain,injury and time away fromwork. 15. These are some of thebasic things that youneed to remember.If you're involved ina car accident,have an attorney fightfor due compensation.CONTACTJOHNSON &amp; BISCONERIGHT AWAY! </p>


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