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<p>American Arbitration Association Bankruptcy Solutions</p> <p>American Arbitration Association Bankruptcy SolutionsDr. Keith Miller, Virginia</p> <p>IntroductionAn experienced college administrator, Dr. Keith Miller has served tenures as president of both Virginia State University and Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. In addition, the governor of Virginia selected him to represent public interests on the state's Higher Education Commission. Dr. Keith Miller also holds membership in multiple professional organizations, including the American Arbitration Association (AAA).</p> <p>A nonprofit organization with offices across the United States, the AAA is a leading authority in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), helping individuals and organizations resolve conflicts outside of the traditional and formal legal system. The AAA can handle all aspects of the ADR process from filing to closing.</p> <p>American Arbitration AssociationAs part of its suite of services, the AAA has offered a variety of bankruptcy solutions since 1990. Large companies such as A&amp;P and Motors Liquidators (formerly known as GM) have named AAA as their ADR provider in large bankruptcy cases. Equipped to implement and manage ADR claims-resolution programs in a wide spectrum of industries, the AAA assists companies as they reorganize to unburden themselves of debt.</p> <p>In addition to its corporate bankruptcy services, the AAA works in the public sector through its suite of municipal bankruptcy solutions. These solutions have proven valuable for cities, towns, villages, counties, tax districts, utility providers, and school districts that are experiencing serious financial problems.</p>


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