Do Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers Only Handle Car Accidents?

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    Do Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers Only Handle Car Accidents?

    Most people are aware of the potential benefits calling a Toronto personal injury lawyer after a traffic crash can

    present. Working with an attorney can ease the process involved in dealing with an insurance company, can help

    ensure adequate post-accident medical care and may even result in the recovery of damages for lost wages, and

    pain and suffering, among other potential areas of compensation. What many people are not aware of, however, is

    that a Toronto accident lawyer can help with much more.

    Personal injury law is a distinct area of practice that positions the professionals who specialize in it to assist clients

    with such cases as:

    Slip and falls When a property owner fails to adequately maintain areas inside or outside a structure and

    accidents result, the owner may be liable for damages. People who are injured in slip and falls caused by

    someone elses negligence may be entitled to payment for medical bills, pain, lost wages and more. Toronto

    personal injury lawyers can assist.

    Dog bites Failing to safeguard people from aggressive or dangerous dogs can result in serious damages.

    When a dog bite leaves damage that demands medical care, Toronto injury legal claims may result in victims

    receiving compensation to cover their damages and loss.

    Other moving vehicle accidents Automobile accidents are not the only ones a Toronto injury lawyer may

    handle. Boat crashes, public transit incidents and others may all result in victims being entitled to


    Traumatic brain injury Although often the result of automobile accidents or slip and fall situations, this

    type of injury demands specialized representation. Brain injury lawyers, Toronto residents will find, know the

    special challenges this type of injury presents. They will work tirelessly to help clients recover damages while

    also working to ensure long-term care needs are met.

    When an accident results from someone elses negligence, victims may find themselves struggling to make ends

    meet. Toronto personal injury attorneys can help by working to make certain victims receive any compensation they

    may be entitled to under the law. Their expertise extends well beyond automobile crashes, providing victims of all

    types of negligent accidents an avenue for redress.