Tire Defects and Car Accidents

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<ol><li> 1. By Jeremy Diamond </li><li> 2. Jeremy Diamond is a Toronto lawyer who focuses on personal injury cases at the law firm of Diamond and Diamond. Jeremy Diamond and his team work hard to get their clients the reparations they deserve from car accidents, some of which are caused by tire defects. More common than most people realize, defective tires result in over 15,000 car accidents every year. At times, it is the result of negligence by the car owner not putting enough air in the tires or not purchasing new ones when needed. However, there are instances when a tire manufacturer used cheap material or didnt construct the tires properly. </li><li> 3. Usually, when tires blow out, it is the result of shredding in the tread layers. When car accidents believed to be caused by tire defects are investigated, the first thing that is looked for is a failure in the tread-bonding process. It is the responsibility of tire manufacturers to make sure this process is correctly done. In recent years, a number of tire companies have been found guilty of manufacturing defective tires, which can cause rollover accidents resulting in major injury or even fatality. </li></ol>