What Is USCIS H1B Cap? How to get started

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USCIS H1B Cap enables foreign professionals, foreign students on F-1 OPT or F-1 CPT to work in specialty occupations.

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  • 1. H-1B CAP. . . . . . . . . .U.S.companiestoemployqualifiedforeignnationalsinjobsthatrequireabachelorsdegreeandspecializedskills.Foreignprofessionalsiinnssppeecciiaallttyyoccupations,suchasprogrammeranalysts,physicaltherapists,accountantsmanagementanalysts,pharmacists,andotherswithBachelor'sorequivalentdegree.ForeignstudentsonF-1OPT,F-1CPTorSTEMextension.1 2 3 4info@VisaPro.com www.VisaPro.com 1-202-787-1944VisaPro, LLC1050 17th street NWWashington, DC 20036520 White Plains Road, # 500Tarrytown, NY 105911100 S Hope St., Suite 103Los Angeles, CA 90015U.S. Immigration Lawyer ServicesVisaPro attorneys have been practicing U.S. immigration law forover three decades and have handled thousands of H-1B Visacases. For our attorneys, quality is more important than quantityits not about how many cases we have handled but how wevehandled them!WORK VISAS | FAMILY VISAS | GREEN CARDS | INVESTOR VISAS | EMPLOYER COMPLIANCE