12 unconventional (and fun) ways to keep cool this summer

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  • 1. 12 Unconventional (and fun) Ways to Keep Cool this Summer If youre like most people, when the summer months come you are searching for ways to stay cool. Of course, central air and air conditioning units can keep you cool indoors, but sometimes you just need a little more help cooling down. Whether you are struggling to keep your home cool or want to stay cool while outside enjoying the sun, these tips are for you. Kick off Your Shoes and Go Wading Whether you live by a beach or not, you can kick off your shoes and cool down your toes. When you cool off your feet, you will feel much cooler, so this is a great way to get an instant cool down. Water the lawn in your bare feet, let your feet soak in the kiddie pool while the kids play or head out for a day at the lake. This is a great way to relax and cool down without getting completely wet, so you can get involved while your kids play outside or take a quick break at lunch. Make the Water Bottle more Interesting The idea of staying hydrated during the summer to keep cool and stay healthy is nothing new, but you dont have to stick with boring water. Pick up a box of drink mixes that you add to water. You can actually buy individual packets, so you can fill your water bottle up with cold water while youre out and then add the flavouring while youre on the go. Keep your water bottle handy so youll be just a sip away from coolness and to stay hydrated when the temperatures soar this summer. Ice in Front of Fans To give your fans an easy boost, place a bowl of ice in front of them. As the fans blow air over the ice, it will cool down and make it easier to cool a space. Another simple trick is to put a fan in your window so that it is blowing out. This trick allows the fan to blow hot air out of your home so it is easier to keep cool.
  • 2. Water Fights with the Kids Let your inner kid out by joining your kids in the yard for a water fight. Break out some squirt guns or just turn the hose on and cool down! If youre really brave, you can use water balloons or turn the sprinklers on. The more water the more fun and the cooler you will all be! Start this spontaneously and your kids will think they have the coolest mom on the block. Dress for the Weather Break out those flip flops, shorts, capris, t-shirts and loose, comfy clothes! Put your hair up and go casual this summer so you can stay cool all season. But, summer clothes arent just about shorts. Clothes that are heavy or tight fitting can make you feel warmer and are especially uncomfortable in hot weather. When you spend time in the sun, dont forget to wear sunglasses, a hat and sun screen to protect your skin and avoid sunburn. Indulge in a Cold Treat When things heat up, indulge in a cold treat to cool yourself down. Think ice cream, popsicles or cold soda. Theres something about a cold treat on a summer day. Another way to stay cool is to avoid using your oven or stove during the summer, as these appliances can quickly heat up your home.
  • 3. Spend some time at the Pool On your day off, head to the pool to soak in some sun and stay cool at the same time. A good dip in the pool is great exercise and a great way to keep cool on a summer afternoon. If you arent a swimmer, spending some time next to the pool can actually keep you cool too, as breezes that come off the water will be cool. Bring a book and cold drink and let your kids splash away. Take the Cooler Outside Take a climate control unit outside or use a mister to keep the patio or deck cool. Be sure to use a unit that is designed to be used outside so that you dont cause damage and so it will work well. Then, sit back in the shade and enjoy the summer weather without the heat. Take a Book to the Shade Sometimes all you need to keep cool is some big trees and some shade. Take a book outside or sit back and listen to some music in the yard while your kids play. Set up some outdoor furniture or a hammock in your yard so that youll have a shady spot to retreat to all summer long. Turn Your Windows into Coolers
  • 4. If you dont have air conditioning you can easily turn your windows into coolers to bring a cool breeze through your home. Hang some damp sheets in the windows so that the air passes through the sheets and cools down your home. When you open a few windows throughout you home, youll also benefit from air circulation that can help you keep your rooms cool. Wash the Car Wear some shorts and dont be afraid to get a little wet when you wash your car. Washing the car lets you enjoy the warm weather and stay cool at the same time, with the added benefit of having a clean car! This is a great family activity, as little ones will love wearing their swimming suits and helping spray down the car. Theyll get plenty wet in the process and youll all have fun and stay cool. Find some Indoor Entertainment Lets face it: sometimes its just too hot to spend time outside. On days like this, find some inside entertainment. Play games with the kids inside, work on a hobby, head to the mall or go to a movie. Sometimes your only option to stay cool is to stay out of the heat! Summer will be here before we know it and soon well be looking for ways to stay cool. When all else fails, or if youre just looking for a fun way to cool down, try some of these tips! To browse our range of cooling systems please refer to http://www.hss.com/cl/1014397/Heating-Drying-Cooling.html