How to Build a Rock Star Personal Brand

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<p>The Digital Conversationalist - An Introduction</p> <p>How to build a rock star personal brandBuild your opportunities, build your future, build your dreams@AndreaTEdwards/AndreaTEdwards/</p> <p>The Digital ConversationalistThe Digital Conversationalist</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsWhat is personal branding? How should we think about it?</p> <p>Its you. Its what you stand for. Its what you believe in. Its how you think. Its how you act. It is you packaged up and presented to the world online. </p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards#TDC</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards We are the revolution!How we buy &amp; learn has fundamentally shifted</p> <p>Consumers are 92% of the way through the sales cycles before we even come to a brand. We are learning and deciding outside the brand.Source: GartnerFor B2B anywhere from 65-90% Forrester</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards Brand challengesOnly 15% of people trust recommendations from brandsBrand trust has dropped84% trust recommendations from people they knowBut people trust people and thats why employee advocates are criticalIf your employees arent your biggest fans, youve got problems WAY bigger than social media Jay BaerBecause lets face it</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsThere are no secrets. The networked market knows more than companies do about their own products. And whether the news is good or bad, they tell everyone.</p> <p>The Cluetrain Manifesto</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsWe are in the midst of the digital revolution and everything has changed.</p> <p>But we continue with business as usual. Please check out the Cluetrain Manifesto its awesome. The message I take from this quote is the world is open and public, but we are still operating behind closed doors. </p> <p>7</p> <p> People are the changeWe are in the midst of a global conversation its powerfulWe are discovering and inventing new ways to share knowledge We are faster AND smarter than most companiesWe are having conversations open, honest, funny, straight-forward and sometimes horrible But they are genuine human voicesBusiness continues to speak marketing - not human And they continue to do it in campaigns or quartersBusiness sends a brochure, a CTA, PRThe consumer doesnt care Today we must unleash the humans of business</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsJust look at yourself and how you interact with your world?</p> <p>We are in the midst of a global conversation and none of us can underestimate its power yet brands continue to ignore this phenomenon</p> <p>We are discovering and inventing new ways to share relevant knowledge yet brands cant keep track of what we are doing</p> <p>We are faster AND smarter than most companies and brands continue to try and work out what we are doing, rather than paying attention to why We are having conversations open, honest, funny, straight-forward and sometimes horrible theres definitely a lot of horrible ones at the moment</p> <p>But they are genuine human voices</p> <p>Business continues to speak marketing not human - and in campaigns</p> <p>Business sends a brochure, a CTA, PR</p> <p>The consumer doesnt care </p> <p>Employee advocacy and social selling = unleashing the humans of business and the greatest opportunity today</p> <p>8</p> <p>A very quick look at content marketing</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards What is content marketing?</p> <p>Content marketing is about creating conversations with customers, partners and influencers </p> <p>To achieve that, its about creating content so good, it earns the right to exist in your customers world, where they are</p> <p>Our goal today, is to build so much loyalty with our customers because we are consistently delivering value to them that they want to buy from us to reward us for our efforts </p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsIf you want to sell me a camera, tell me how to take great photos </p> <p>Content Marketing Institute</p> <p> Best definition</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards ButContent Marketing is fundamentally about business transformation</p> <p>Its not something the marketing team does</p> <p>Everyone must be on board and it starts at the top</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p> Information overload!In the last 10 years weve created more information than in all of human history </p> <p>Its expected to double in the next two years</p> <p>Average attention span dropped 12 secs in 2000 to 8 secs in 2015 - Statistic Brain</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>Its a noisy world and its not all good!</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>14</p> <p> Where are we deciding/learning?</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsGetting advice from peers on LinkedIn groupsMaking decisions during Tweet chatsAttending networking eventsChatting with friends at BBQsReading influencer blogs on LinkedInReading blogs by peers in their industryOn Google hangouts hearing opinions from around the worldTalking to friends on Facebook</p> <p>15</p> <p> The big one 1.65 billion</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsBut were not just learning. Were being distracted!</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards Benefits of building a strong brandMy journey</p> <p>Career opportunitiesPerceived influencerSpeaking invitationsMedia interestCredibility/respect with decision makersKnown as an expert Globally connectedLaunched a business off the back of my brandThe story will continue to unfold</p> <p>What will yours be? </p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsLets get onto being fantastically amazing</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards A strong personal brand hasCredibility your expertisePurpose your whyFocus your themeCommunity support the tribeReach - beyond direct community</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>61% Fortune 500 CEOs have NO social presence at allIt was 68% in 2014</p> <p>Only 50 of the Fortune 500 CEOs have Twitter Accounts. 60% are active +8 #SocialCEO</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsdominates as theentry networkof choice amongCEOs</p> <p>Of CEOs with only 1network, 70% chose LinkedIn</p> <p>Nearly half of all social CEOs are only on LinkedInpresumably because of the unmistakable business benefits</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsPersonal branding isculturally challenging</p> <p>Cultural </p> <p>Selling &amp; telling</p> <p>Not getting benefits to us and our business</p> <p>Our role in communities</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>25</p> <p>SupportersCreatorsLurkersYouve got to be in the top 10%</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>26</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>27</p> <p>Getting to the heart of being successful</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsWhat makes me great?What makes me unique?What makes me compelling?</p> <p> Uncover your magic</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>What is my profession? What am I awesome at?</p> <p>Am I more than one thing?</p> <p>What can I commit to?Or</p> <p>Whats really important to me? What do I stand for?</p> <p>When I light people up, what is it I am speaking about?</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>31</p> <p>Am I more than one thing?</p> <p>MeProfessional communicatorMummy Me</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards Who?What do I want to be known for?What makes me stand out in a crowd?When I light people up, what am I talking about?What is my expertise - am I unique in it?What are my core values?What comes easily to me?What do I read about until the early hours of the morning?What do I get up early for eagerly?What do I enjoy?What gives me energy? What feeds my spirit?What do people compliment me on?</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsThere are many whysA passionDifferent futureAligned to other leadersSupport career aspirations Part of a global discussionBetter connected to customersRespected thought leader or visionaryMedia influencer</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsNot a why</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsMy why?</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>Find content aligned to your story</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>Doesnt have to be written</p> <p>Video-logPodcastDrawDesignCreatePhotographBlogging?</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsWhy blog?Its how you stand outBuilds careers - internal &amp; external Influencers blog its how you become oneIts the platform to share wisdom, inspire teams, help customersIt an opportunity to capture the essence of what you believe/knowBlogging is the core of this new social world</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsWhich platforms?</p> <p>Where should you be? Where your customers are</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsSpend time ensuring your online profiles look fabulousRemember visuals 63% of the worlds population are visual learners</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>Use images in your profile photos, links, SlideShare decks, blogs, etc</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards Other tips and tricksBe realistic about what you can do and commitCommit to sharing your company content 1x week or moreFind content &amp; share often. Always ALWAYS add your opinionSupport friends &amp; people you admireMake hashtags a habit connects you to ideas &amp; audiencesJoin &amp; participate in groups LinkedIn, Tweet chatsBe kind, be careful. Never judge or criticize</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p> Dont be a viral sensation</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>T is it True?H is it Helpful?I is it Inspiring?N is it Necessary?K is it Kind?</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsJoin the Giving Economy</p> <p>Join the Giving Economy</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>A book about tribe building</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsBring your mind &amp; heart together</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards 6 concluding thoughtsFocusPersistenceBoundariesAudienceTribeAuthenticity</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwardsPlease rememberIf you want to blog &amp; build your personal brand</p> <p>Youve got to run your own race. Dont get distracted by others or compete with anyone. Learn from others, but focus on what you want to achieve</p> <p>#TDC</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>Champions arent made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them: a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have last minute stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to have the skill and the will. But the will must be stronger than the skill Muhammad Ali</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p> <p>Stay in touch</p> <p>@AndreaTEdwards</p>