How to improve your communication with your boss

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  • How to improve your communication with your boss!Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

  • Your boss can have a big influence over your contentment and stress levels at work, which also affect your health.

    As the working place consumes most of your time, having a good relationship with your boss makes your life more enjoyable.Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

  • Having a good relationship with your boss has many benefits, like: - having a foundation of trust and respect- reduction of anxiety and increase in self-esteem- increase in productivity and happiness- career success e.g. through promotionsExecutive Coach International Pte Ltd

  • Employees who have a close friendship with their managers are over 2.5 times more likely to be satisfied with their jobs.Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

  • A better relationship starts with better communication.

    Read our tips to improve your communication to raise your relationship with your boss. Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

  • Be prepared to talk to your bossWrite down all the topics that you want to discuss and make sure you know what you need from your boss.Anticipate questions your boss may ask you about your work or project and have answers or next steps to take ready. Figure out the challenges your boss may encounter and offer solutions.

    Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

  • Before meeting your bossCool off from your emotions when heated. Maintain an even and professional tone throughout. Practice good body language. Be calm and relaxed, dont fidget.

    Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

  • While talking to your bossGive facts instead of opinions.Keep updates short and to the point.Be specific in what you need. Focus on solutions and manifest them with facts and your resources. Be assertive, not aggressive. Use good manners.Be open-minded and open to compromises.Have a positive attitude.

    Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

  • How to talk to the bossConsider your tone. Use qualifying words, such as perhaps and maybe, rather than absolute words like always, all the time, every, or never. Make I statements, say I need guidance instead of You didnt give me any guidance. Listen actively. Ask if you missed a point.

    Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

  • General interface with your bossKeep your boss informed. Your boss doesnt like surprises, its better to find out through you in advance. Meet your boss frequently. Keep your boss updated on progress, good and bad news, and needed support. Dont get mad at your boss. Your boss may have other information to encounter for a decision.Embrace feedback from your boss and use it to increase your performance.

    Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

  • If you still find it difficult to communicate with your boss, work with a Professional Coach to overcome your obstacles and achieve greater happiness and satisfaction.Executive Coach International Pte Ltd

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