Motivation: How to get motivated?

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<p>Motivation</p> <p>Motivation: Dr. Sohan ChandelPsychologist and Life CoachFounder, NMET Pvt.</p> <p>When why is clear </p> <p>How becomes easier Jim Rohn </p> <p>Necessity is the mother of Invention </p> <p>Motivation is a journey from.Means to MeaningOrdinary to OutstandingTender to toughProving to Improving</p> <p>Motivation is a journey from.Voice to VisionAim to AchieveTrial to Trust</p> <p>Motivation is a journey from.Incentive to InnovationOptional to only option Never to forever</p> <p> Daily Tips for Motivation - PeopleDedicate it to someone ( Person- Cause)Find a partner (Team up)Meet people who succeeded ( Mentors)Make your resolve public </p> <p>Daily Tips for Motivation The Beginning Just begin ( beginning is half the Victory)Pay for it (It hurts, so It works)Just 21 days (Golden rule for forming habit) Just five minutes ( When you don't want to do it)</p> <p>Daily Tips for Motivation: RewardsReward your self break, travel, buy etc.Celebrate Progress - Milestones Showcase your skill Praise does the raise </p> <p>Daily Tips for Motivation: PenaltiesDecides Penalties for your self: Self disciplineThink of the consequences (examples from others life)</p> <p>Daily Tips for Motivation: RemindersDaily reminders make it your password Write it at a place, which can be seen from your bed - While going to sleep let it sink in your subconscious mind Pose a condition on yourself I will do this ( your favorites Activity) after I have done this (the work that you are postponing)</p> <p>Daily Tips for Motivation: Handling FailureKeep room for some initial failuresSome people are going to discourage youWhen you want to quit, always think WHY you started it at the first place?Patience: Do not cancel a file download at 95%</p> <p>Some don'ts of Motivation QuittingAvoid negative people as much as you canAvoid too much measurement of your progress Do not take suggestion from someone who never did it. </p> <p>Some don'ts of Motivation Too much Worrying about results Comparison with others Giving excuses Blaming others </p> <p>Contact Details Dr. Sohan ChandelPsychologist and Life CoachFounder, NMET Pvt. Ltd.</p> <p>Mobile: 9915344327sohanchandel@gmail.comlike me:</p>