Send that (damn) elevator down !

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<p>Send that (damn) elevator down !</p> <p>IEEE Women In Engineering International Leadership Summit12th September 2015 </p> <p>@ektagroverEkta Grover</p> <p>The Art &amp; Science of Professional Fulfillment</p> <p>Maslows hierarchy of needs</p> <p> The kernelStrategically Creating the dots can connect backwards</p> <p>We become what we do not snooze or dismiss </p> <p>Outperform yourself</p> <p>Fold your day..Learn-unlearn- Repeat</p> <p> The kernel</p> <p> Execution</p> <p>Ideas are commodity. Execution is the REAL meat </p> <p>Grow strong teamsMake yourself replaceable</p> <p>Monkeys on your back </p> <p>Harvard Business Review : whos got the Monkey ?</p> <p> The kernel</p> <p> Execution</p> <p>The world view </p> <p>NO</p> <p>The no -foreplay principle</p> <p> Theres always a larger gorilla in the room.... but you dont know which one !</p> <p> Niran Kundapur </p> <p> The kernel</p> <p> Execution</p> <p>The world view </p> <p>Projection </p> <p>Build your social capital Ashutosh Garg</p> <p>On Failing.. fast &amp; forward </p> <p>..cultivate resilience </p> <p>Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled.</p> <p>@ektagrover</p> <p>ekta1007@gmail.comAishwarya Bhake </p>