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3 Smart Goals

3 Smart Goals By Sona Bae

Academic GoalRead 10 books before school starts Specific- Read 5 educational and 5 for funMeasurable- Every week I will read 1 1/2 booksAction- I will work 2h of ready per dayRealistic- I will bring my book where ever I goTimely- Until September 6th 2016

4 Ways to achieve this Choose 10 books before handRead for 2h or more per dayEvery 5-7 days finish the novel/book Take notes while reading to make it more interactive

Personal GoalLose 5kg Specific- Get healthier by losing 5kg with diet and exerciseMeasurable: I will measure my weight every week Action: I will eat healthy and exercise everyday Realistic: I Have 2 months left, whch means I need to lose 1kg per 2weeks Timely: By the end of September

5 ways to achieve this Meal prep= plan out meals the day before so you need to eat the healthy food you made/planned Throw/ give away all of the junk/unhealthy food in my house Exercise every day by doing cardio 45 mins and strengthening for 30mins Be sure to exercise by setting aside a time to work outDrink lots of water

Any goal Do not watch more than 10h of tv per week Specific: dont watch any shows/youtube/movies more than 10 per weekMeasurable: watch a max of 2:30h per dayAction: Set a timer each day not to exceed the limitRealistic: Ive need to focus more on my studies, this will help me and this is necessaryTimely: Until schools starts on September 6th 2016

5 ways to achieve thisSet a timer each dayPut youre phone away when you workDelete the apps on your phoneOnly watch tv when you are doing the dishes or folding the laundry or eating or exercising And if you're just going to watch tv do it after youre done all of your necessary work