4 Ways To Gain Healthy Weight

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1. Presented by : Dorine M.Roushwww.topsixlist.com 2. Introduction Losing weight is a very difficult task,likewise gaining weight is also veryhard to do. If you eat extra meal or junk foods, ithelps to increase your weight quickly.But your health will get totally spoiledwith these type of foods. Try to follow the healthy ways to gainweight given below. 3. Schedule your meals Try to eat at least 3 times per day. Eating on regular schedule helps to get enough calories for every day. You have to schedule to eat break fast, lunch and dinner in time alongwith eating snacks for two times in between your regular meal. 4. Healthy Fat Foods Try to focus on foods with healthy fat. It will helps you to gain more weight safely andsteadily. Check out the below list of healthy fat foods:Drinks: Try to take protein milk shakes and fresh juiceswith half milk. Please avoid gas filled drinks. 5. List of Healthy Fat Foods Vegetables: Include more starchyvegetables on your diet like potatoes ,carrots, corn, peas, beet roots, etc. Youmust avoid the water contained vegetableslike cucumbers, yellow and white pumpkin,broccoli , bottle guard, etc. Fruits: Pick large dense fruits like Apple,Bananas, Pine apples, dates and dry fruits.Avoid watery fruits like watermelon, citrusfruits, etc. 6. Include more proteins Lack of protein is the main reason for losing weight .If youwant to consume more proteins, consider the below top listof healthy foods. Chicken, fish, eggs. Boiled soybeans. Peanut butter. All kind of dhal items. 7. Exercise Weight lifting helps to increase themuscle size as well as increase yourbody weight. Try to do weight lifting at least halfan hour per day. Avoid aerobic exercises likerunning and cycling, as they willresult in losing your body weight. 8. Conclusion These are the very few and simple tips to increase bodyweight healthily. Try to follow it on your daily schedule and you canautomatically see the difference on your body weight.