5 inexpensive fun date night ideas

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Jennifer Weiner, Author PresentsTop 5 Inexpensive Fun Date Ideas You'll Love

5. Board Games

5. Board GamesThese games are more fun when played by your own house rulesTake them to a favorite outdoor spot to enjoy a beautiful day/eveningIf youre the betting sort, wager on who will win and pick some fun/racy winningsBoard games are better than video games from time to time for face to face interaction, and the fun conversations they can spark!

4. Book Club (For 2 Or More)

4. Book Club (For 2 Or More)Read books over a week or a month, then get together to discuss them over a homemade mealGet together with another couple and expand the club adult conversation with others can be a major treat after long days Choose books in turns, but unless you both dig them stay away from classic chick or dude books. No strictly romance or sports novels UNLESS you both agree ahead of time. You should both enjoy what youre reading.

3. Hiking (or a stroll)

3. Hiking (or a stroll)This is a great opportunity to talk about something other than everyday lifeAlso great for sightseeing if you have a local park or other place with trails you can useBe sure to keep each others skill level and health in mindUse a smartphone or camera to get new candid pictures togetherScenery pics are fun to take together too

2. Dollar Store Scavenger Hunt

2. Dollar Store Scavenger HuntSet a reasonable spending limitDont make your list super specificSetting a time limit can make this even more funComparing items can be quite funnyeven insightful into how you both interpret things!This is fun to follow with a cheap dinner outfast food, maybe?

1. Matinee and A PicNic

1. Matinee and A PicNicThe afternoon showings are often much more affordableand can be less crowded. Make out time, anyone?Making a picnic for before the show can be a lot of fun to do together.Try going for a coffee or inexpensive beverage after the movie to talk about what you liked or didnt about what you just watchedYou can save this one for school breaks if you have children and help a neighbor teen out by getting them to baby sit for a couple hourstotal win-win!

A Few More Tips

A Few More TipsDate Nights can be at any time of dayKeep things funTry not to talk about the bills, the kids, etc.Spending time with other friends, especially couples, is a good idea from time to timeSchedule this time just like a doctors appointment. Its just as importantit will help keep your relationship healthy!Make time to say I Love You Every day or at least show it.

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