50 Simple Stress Relief Strategies

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50 Quick Start - Simple Stress Relief Strategies

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2. Theres no such thing as stress free. 3. Stresscaneasilygrowintoa monster,holdingyourinnerpeace andhappinesshostage. 4. Butthereshope. Youcantargetandeliminatethismonster. Allyouneedtodois... 5. Be proactive. 6. Youcangaincontrolagainand enjoyyourlifeoncemore. 7. Thiscompilationofactionable techniqueswillhelpyougetstarted. Pleaseprintitandpostthesetipsin yourofficeasaconstantreminder. 8. Here we go... 9. Chapter 1: Everyday Stress Relief Tips Forming Routines 10. Stress Relief Strategy: Plan one positive action for the day, before you start your morning routine. 1 11. Stress Relief Strategy: 2 Haveaplanmakealistofstress relatedgoalsandideasonhowyou mightachievethem. 12. Stress Relief Strategy: Spend at least 10 minutes relaxing before heading out to face the day. Make it a part of your morning routine. 3 13. Stress Relief Strategy: 4 Dont spend more than 20 minutes relaxing in the morning... morning relaxation can turn into procrastination. 14. Stress Relief Strategy: 5 Watch or read something light and innocent once in a while. 15. Chapter 2: Getting a Grip on Bad Bedtimes 16. Stress Relief Strategy: 6 Do some light stretch exercises before climbing in the sack. 17. Stress Relief Strategy: 7 Stop drinking anything caffeinated after 7:00 p.m. 18. Stress Relief Strategy: Do some physical work during the day. The body isnt ready to rest unless its had a good workout. 8 19. Stress Relief Strategy: 9 Usearoutine...itpreparesthe mindforsleep. 20. Stress Relief Strategy: 10 Reflect on the days events and spend 10 minutes (and 10 minutes only) planning for tomorrow. 21. Stress Relief Strategy: 11 Eat a healthy supper, and dont snack right before bed. 22. Stress Relief Strategy: 12 Take a long, hot soak in the tub. 23. Chapter 3: Weekend Workouts For the Couch Potato 24. Stress Relief Strategy: Plan some morning activities. It will motivate you for the rest of the day. 13 25. Stress Relief Strategy: Sleep in... but not too late. You dont want to miss your time off. 14 26. Stress Management Strategy: Have kids youll never be inactive again. 15 27. Stress Relief Strategy: 16 Take the kids out to the park and play with them. 28. Stress Relief Strategy: 17 Find a charitable activity you can devote some time and energy to. 29. Chapter 4: Weekend Relaxation Techniques For the Folks who Never Slow Down 30. Stress Relief Strategy: 18 Pick out 1 hour of each weekend day to do nothing but relax. 31. Stress Relief Strategy: Plan a nature activity, and slow down it took time to make the world, take some time to enjoy it. 19 32. Stress Relief Strategy: 20 Findasit-downhobby.Something assimpleaswhittlingwoodcan helpyoufeelrelaxed. 33. Stress Relief Strategy: 21 Sit in a coffee shop for one hour per weekend and people watch. 34. Chapter 5: Strategies For Eliminating Over-Bearing Stress 35. Stress Relief Strategy: 22 Plan a specific time to work on finances. Try not to think about it at other times. 36. Stress Relief Strategy: 23 Make some long-term financial goals... but dont overdo it. Planning every little detail only sets you up for frustration. 37. Stress Relief Strategy: 24 Stop playing the I must please everyone role. It's okay to help people, but its never your duty to make everyone happy. 38. Stress Relief Strategy: Keep a stress log. Choose the stresses that occur most often, and work on those specifically. 25 39. Chapter 6: Sharing Your Burden With Others 40. Stress Relief Strategy: 26 Find someone to talk to about your stress. No one should go through this life alone. 41. Stress Relief Strategy: 27 Make your conversations two- way. Listen to other peoples input. 42. Stress Relief Strategy: Dont take offense with the advice people give you... even if its offensive. 28 43. Stress Relief Strategy: 29 If nothing else, talk to yourself... and dont be afraid to answer. 44. Stress Relief Strategy: Talk to a coach who can help you stay focused on your stress related goals. 30 45. Chapter 7: Managing Stress Within The Family 46. Stress Relief Strategy: 31 Accept your spouse (or even ex- spouse) and their faults. A lot of stress can be avoided when we stop trying to perfect other people. 47. Stress Relief Strategy: 32 Learn to delegate duties. Make sure your children are contributing to the household chores youre not a slave. 48. Stress Relief Strategy: Designate quiet time. Offer a treat for those who do participate. 33 49. Stress Relief Strategy: 34 STOPfeelingguiltyfortakingoccasional shortcuts (likemakingfrozeninsteadoffresh vegetables). 50. Stress Relief Strategy: 35 Pick your battles Theres plenty to argue about. Save it for something that matters. 51. Stress Relief Strategy: 36 Hang in there... families are never easy to deal with, but theyre always worth it. 52. Chapter 8: Handling Stress at Work 53. Stress Relief Strategy: 37 Keep an eye out for opportunities to come. It could be a career change or just a change in company. 54. Stress Relief Strategy: 38 If you must cuss, do it silently. Dont add fuel to a conflict. 55. Stress Relief Strategy: 39 Try helping out a coworker charitable acts are great stress relievers. 56. Stress Relief Strategy: 40 Play some innocent practical jokes... but make sure it is not at someone elses expense. 57. Stress Relief Strategy: 41 Force yourself to smile. Faking happiness will actually make it happen. 58. Chapter 9: Dealing With Unavoidable Stress 59. Stress Relief Strategy: 42 Stop and take 10 deep breaths before proceeding. (yes, its a clich rule, but it still works) 60. Stress Relief Strategy: Force yourself to sit down and plan for potential problems once a week. 43 61. Stress Relief Strategy: 44 Learn from the past. Once youve survived a stressful moment, reflect on ways you could have better handled it. 62. Stress Relief Strategy: 45 Accept the fact that you cant control anyone. You can only control your reaction. 63. Stress Relief Strategy: 46 Talk to a coach about how to better deal with something out of your control. 64. Chapter 10: Even More Stress Relief Ideas 65. Stress Relief Strategy: 47 Read something funny - laughter is truly the best medicine. 66. Stress Relief Strategy: 48 Address your stress ignoring it just makes it worse. 67. Stress Relief Strategy: 49 Go on a monthly night out and blow off the steam. 68. Stress Relief Strategy: 50 Meditate or pray. 69. Now what? 70. Stresscantbe(andshouldntbe) eliminatedentirely. Itswhatdrivesusinlife. But... (Youknewtherewasabutcoming,didnt you?) 71. ...Ifstressisntmanaged, itcantakecontrolofusandkeepusfrom achievinganything. (Andthatsnotgood.) 72. Ifyouthinkstresshasbecometoo overwhelminginyourlife... 73. YouCANgaincontrolandfindthepath backtohappinessandpeace. All you need to do is... 74. TAKE CHARGE. Controlyourstressbeforeitcontrolsyou. Quitstressingandstartliving,today! 75. 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