10 easy steps to how to clean refrigerator

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1. 10 Easy steps to how to Clean Refrigerator /blog/10-easy-steps-get-refrigerator-clean/ Admin 10 Easy steps to how to Clean Refrigerator Bad odor coming out of the fridge? I think its time to start cleaning out those leftovers and spills that have cyrstallized over time. Lets go over some steps that you will find easy to bring back your refrigerator to its former glory and smelling great. Things you will need: Unused cleaning cloths Dish soap Non-abrasive Scrubber Vinegar or any glass cleaner Bleach Vacuum Cleaner Hot water Ice Step 1. Switch off the refrigerator and take the plug out. Toss out old and expired food into the trash, and for those good ones you need to put them in a cooler with ice so you could keep it fresh until youve done with the cleaning. Step 2. Remove everything that is detachable. Use the dish soap and hot water to clean the shelves and drawers that are made of plastic. Make sure to the glass and ceramic pieces are warmed up to the room temperature before washing them. U might risk cracking them if you wash them with hot water right after youve taken them out of the fridge. Step 3. To clean the interior of the fridge, use a fresh new cleaning cloth with hot water and dish soap. Start from the top and work your way down. Lay a warm wet cloth on spills and stains that are tough to remove. Use a non-abrasive scrubber to scrub away the stains. Pay special attention to crevices and the back of the fridge. Step 4. After the shelves and drawers had time to warm up take a few moments to clean and dry them. Use dishwashing gloves to handle slippery glass shelving. 2. Step 5. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe down the interior including the door of the refrigerator until it is completely dry. Step 6. Clean the jars or containers of food with a clean cloth and make sure to dry them before you put the m back in the refrigerator. Step 7. The freezer is the most easiest since spills does not happen often. Just in case, remove expired food and if it does require cleaning, use the same methods that you used to clean the fridge. Step 8. The exterior of the fridge says a lot. Use warm water and mild dish soap to clean. If it is made of stainless steel a soft rag that does not scratch the surface is advised. Use vinegar or glass cleaner to keep it shining. Clean the rubber gasket around the edges, dirt and grime can cause the seal to break. Step 9. Some refrigerator models have removable drip pans. Refer to your manufactures guide and instructions to locate and remove it. The drip pan is usually located in the bottom on top of the condenser coils. Drip pans can become grossy and disgusting over time, so be prepared. Use gloves for your safety. Use bleach to clean thoroughly. Dry and replace the pan and front grill. Step 10. Use a vacuum cleaner with brush attachments to clean the coils on the back of the refrigerator. Refer to the manufacturers manual to know where the coils and vents are located. This step can be done occassionally. P.S Keep your fridge clean by wiping up spills and throwing out old and expired food every week. Baking soda is one the most effective ways to eliminate odor. Just add a box of baking soda.