Cremation Memorial Types

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When choosing to be cremated there are many number of ways to be memorialized. Whether the cremation ashes are stored indefinitely in a memorial urn or scattered throughout the mountains, there are cremation urns designed to fit your need. Read about the different types of cremation memorials and about the various cremation urns that are available.

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2. Who are we?OneWorld Memorials is an e-commerce business offering beautifulcremation urns, keepsakes and sympathy gifts. We are committed toproviding a simple and fulfilling shopping experience. 3. To aid in developing your plansOneWorld Memorials provides information and planning guidesto help answer questions such as: Choosing a correct cremation urn size Finding the perfect cremation keepsake Selecting the cremation urn best suited for your needs Transporting cremation urns through airports Laws on scattering cremation ashes in the U.S. andInternationally 4. What type of cremation memorial wouldyou like? 5. Is it to honor a lovedones wishes?People have unique ideas for howthey want to be memorialized. Learn about their wishes. Research legalities Plan ahead and be prepared 6. What if there are noclear wishes? Determine what you feel willbe the most befitting send offyou can give them How would they like to beremembered? 7. Cremation MemorialTypes 8. Keeping the cremationashes in urnsMemorial cremation urns for keepingashes are made from many materials: Metals such as copper, brass,and aluminum Wood Ceramic Glass 9. Where to store the cremation urnsMemorial cremation urns for keeping ashes can be kept in manyplaces: Displayed in public or privately at home In a columbarium or placed in a cemetery plot 10. Burial of cremation ashesSome people choose to bury the remains. Biodegradablecremation urns are a great option for both land and water: Biodegradable plants Recycled paper Sand Quartz Rock Salt 11. Where to bury a biodegradable urnThere are many options when it comes to burying an urn: A body of water such as a lake, river, or the ocean In the forest or in your garden Somewhere special to the person 12. Scattering the cremation remainsScattering the remains requires the urn to be lightweight,transportable, and with a removable lid. Some materials include: Wood Bamboo Plant materials Some metals 13. Places to scatter ashesThe entire earth, oceans and even outer space have been used toscatter ashes. Be sure to check on regulations. 14. Saving some ashesfor a keepsakeSome people like to keep asmall bit of ash in something toremember a loved one by.These small ash receptaclesare called keepsakes. 15. Pendants and jewelryfor ashes are verypopularThey are made from: Stainless steel Titanium Sterling Silver Gold 16. Some keepsakesare in the form of: Miniature urns Votive candle-holders Hearts Picture frames And many other designs! 17. OneWorld Memorials is here for you Premium urns at discounted prices Exclusives Cremation urns for displaying, burying, and scattering Free ground shipping across the U.S. Best price guarantee 30 day money back Beautiful Sympathy gifts Planning guides and articles Dedicated staff (844 671-9744) 18. Contact Us Main site: Call toll free at: (844 671-9744) E-mail your questions: Connect with us: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: 19. Thank you for reading! 671-9744)