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Text of Edelweiss

  • 1. Nature Flower: Jordan Streater, JessicaButler, April Landers, Alicia Armstrong

2. Store NameStore Location:Edelweiss is located in the heart ofHighland Park in the uptown area ofDallas, Texas. Apart of Dallas County.There is a population of 8,564(census.gov.) people in Highland Park.Female PopulationPercentage:52.5%(census.gov.)The median household income for theHighland Park area is$176,375.(census.gov.) 3. Target MarketCollege educated, Female with amedian income and between the agesof 21 and 35. She is comfortable in allaspects of her being, free andadventurous, sweet to tough, tomboyto romantic.The Surrounding area of HighlandPark has a Per capita money incomein past 12 months (2009 dollars) 2005-2009 of $116,772 which is supportingour target audience. 4. Merchandise Edelweiss will Carry 5. Atmosphere Collage 6. Atmosphere Collage 7. Atmosphere Collage 8. Conversational SignRecycling is Alwaysin Fashion 9. FixturesThis product is used fordecorative purposes andwill be placed in the This mirrors will be placed in thecenter of the fitting fitting rooms for practical useroom area. One of these and to add an elegant touch.fixtures will be used in Two of each fixture will be usedthe store. in the store. 10. FixturesTwo of thesefixtures will be One of these fixtures used.will be used in the store. One of these fixtures will be used in the store. 11. FixturesTwo of each of these fixtures will beused in the store. 12. FixturesOffice SpaceCash Wrap Dividing Wall Storage Area 13. Fixture Layout Fixture LayoutKey: L.Key:A. H.I. M.L.G.E.F. F.K.B. Seating AreaE.N.C. N.D. F.C.N. A.C.B.N.N. D. J. D.Fixtures Floor Plan Layout 14. Fixture Layout Key:Fixture Layout Key:StorageAtmosphere L.area, OfficeArea, Restroom H.I. K. M.Area, AtmosphereG. L.G.F. F.K. Seating AreaE.H.N.C. N.D.N. A.C.I.B.N. L.J.M. J.D.Fixtures Floor Plan Layout 15. Lighting LayoutEach of these lighting fixture will be used asambient Lighting. This light fixture will hang This lighting fixture will be used as taskover the store area and will be used to set thelighting. This light fixture hangs over eachatmosphere of the store, with soft romanticdressing room in the fitting room area.lighting. Two of these lighting fixtures will be Two of these lighting fixtures will beused.used. 16. Lighting LayoutThis lighting fixture will be used asThis lighting fixture will be usedaccent lighting. This lighting fixture as task lighting. This lightingwill hang against the wall and fixture will hang over the cashprovide light for the surroundingwrap, restroom area, storageshopping area. Two of these lighting room area and office area tofixtures will be used. produce functional light. Four of these fixtures will be used 17. Lighting LayoutThis lighting fixture will be usedas priority lighting- spotlights.Used for lighting & This lighting fixture will hang at This will be used as a lightingDcor over the seatingthe front of the store on both switch, which is a lightingarea. One of thesesides of the door to provide accessory. This lighting fixturelighting fixtures will be light. Two of these lighting will hang on the wall behindused in the store.fixtures will be used. the cash wrap and control the setting of the lights. One of these lighting fixtures will be used. 18. Lighting LightingLayout key:Layout key:B.A. A. A. A.B. F.C. E.A. B. D.D.F.G. G. C.G. F.D.H.E. H.H.Lighting Floor Plan Layout 19. Window One: Scale 20. Window One: Scale 21. Window Two: ZigzagTrend 22. Window Two: ZigzagTrend 23. Trend Board 24. Mannequins and MannequinAlternativesMannequin Type: Headless MannequinThe Headless Mannequin has correctbody proportions to show off theclothing but will not alienate any of theconsumers. This mannequin will appealto all ethnicities and races and will notcause a consumers to feel unwelcomed.This mannequin will also provide moreemphasis on the clothing rather thatproviding interest in the mannequinitself. One headless mannequin will beused in the store Edelweiss. 25. Mannequins and MannequinAlternatives Mannequin Alternative Type: Dress Form The dress form will be used in the store Edelweiss, because it has correct body proportions and will attract a variety of consumers from the stores target market and will not alienate any consumers. This dress form will show off the merchandise without taking attention away from the merchandise. The bottom rod of the dress form also adds a touch of class and elegance to the dress form and adds to the atmosphere of the store Edelweiss. Two of these dress forms will be used, one in the color white and one in the color black. Price: $85.00 each, $170.00 total. 26. THE END