How To Draw A Dog Face

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  • 1. How to Draw a Dog Face
    8 Easy Steps

2. Things Youll Need
Colored Pencils
3. Step 1
Make a small stick figure in the center of the paper with small legs and no arms
4. Step 2
Create three dots on each side of your stick figure.
5. Step 3
Draw a circle around the stick figure and the dots, make sure none of the pats touch the circle.
6. Step 4
Create two half circles attached to the top of the main circle.These two circles should be close but should not touch.
7. Step 5
Draw a semi-circle around the eyes you just drew.
8. Step 6
Add two small dots in the center of the eyes for pupils.
9. Get creative on this step! Make some ears, they can be floppy, pointy, however you want them!
Step 7
10. Step 8
Draw the tongue.