How To Get Your Toddler To Eat Healthy Foods

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How To Get Your Toddler To Eat Healthy Foods

Make Food Look Fun

Toddlers can be intimidated by new foods that they havent tried yet, so making them more inviting can work wonders.Making pictures out of food, or carving faces into fruit are two tricks you may consider trying.

2. Start A Vegetable Garden

Not only is a great bonding experience, but involving your little one in the growth of their own vegetables may make them more likely to try them.Theyll probably taste better too!

3. Be An Example

If youre not willing to eat healthy yourself, how could you expect your toddler too?Children learn more through actions than through words, so show your toddler that healthy eating is important by eating healthy yourself.

4. Cook Together

Involving your toddler with the preparation of their food can only help. You could even take this one step further and get them their own chef outfit - no doubt theyll be more encouraged to eat their own creations!

5. Hide The Vegetables

If you cant get your toddler to eat vegetables, you could try hiding them. If they dont know theyre even eating them, they may not taste them either - so no complaints!

6. Make Mealtimes Longer

Food takes time to settle, so if they eat too quickly, they may not realize that theyre full.Slowing down a bit can help prevent overeating.

7. Eat Together

Eat together and keep the conversation fun and enjoyable, and your toddler will begin to associate meal time as a positive thing.They will also be more inclined to eat whatever everyone else is eating.

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