How to keep a guy interested

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  1. 1. How to Keep a Guy InterestedMost relationships have their ups and downs, and some need to be worked at forthem to stand the test of time. Sometimes things begin to become monotonous andeach partner starts to take things for granted. Maybe you are wanting your man tocommit long term to your relationship, but he always seems to avoid the subjectwhen you try to talk to him about it. In the end he seems to become less and lessinterested the more you push.So what are the right ways to speak to him, and keep him interested in yourrelationship? Well, you need to change your current approach completely if you findhim avoiding the subject, and even avoiding you if he thinks you are going to pushhim further about it. You need to know how to avoid asking him directly, but insteadlearn how to make him start chasing you for the long term commitment. While thismay seem like a very long shot in your current situation, it is actually easier thanyou think when you know the right methods.Click here to learn how to keep him interested from nowLearn how to keep him interested through subtlechangesObviously if the things you have been doing up to now have not been working, thenyou need to take a different approach to keep him interested. You do not have tomake whole sale changes, but it is the subtle things that you do that will slowly butsurely start to change the way he thinks and in the end get him seeing thingsthrough your eyes.Just think of little things that you can do that will make him feel good about himself,things that you are not doing now. They dont have to be drastic things, and youcertainly shouldnt change everything that you are doing now, but just a few littlethings that will make him start appreciating you for what you are and what you dofor him.Be aware of his interestsMen love to have their interests such as following and/or playing sports, DIY and thelike. While you dont have to start taking an interest yourself if you dont want, justshowing that you appreciate his desire to follow his interests will be appreciated byhim. Allowing him time to pursue his interests, as long as he doesnt overdo it willalso show that you are thinking of his needs.Be spontaneous and mix things upIt is very common for relationships to start becoming more routine, and this iswhere you need to start mixing things up a bit if he doesnt. Dont always have thesame meals on the same day, and try to do new things when you go out together asa couple. This will help keep things fresh and also show him that you still have a lotof energy and desire to put into the relationship.
  2. 2. Dont be too clingyThe natural tendency when you feel that your man is losing interest in therelationship is to cling to him more. But this often has a negative effect and willoften push him away more. So learn to give him his space, and by doing so you willoften see him come running after you again.All of these subtle changes are part of learning how to keep him interested. To getmore in-depth training, and learn some powerful techniques, you should take a lookat the Girl Gets Ring training material.Click here to learn how to keep him interested from today