How to keep a man interested

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DESCRIPTION Many women think that the physical part is most important at the time to break the ice, or when to start a conversation, but in the end, everyone who approaches a woman by her physical will be the kind of man who should be avoided. This type of man who does not want what you are, why not having a relationship stable future. Perhaps this is the reason why many Barbie failed a first date, or your relationship is the first bed at dawn together.


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  • 2. For a man, a woman could be more interesting because of the way she acts rather than her physical beauty. Strangely enough, your personality is going to be the one making a man love you, not your beauty.
  • 3. Serious men go beyond the physical, and this is where your personality should come out like a shining diamond. This is where the man gets to see your qualities as a woman and as his No. 1 candidate to start a relationship.
  • 4. Therefore, I'll give some hints to learn how to keep a man interested !
  • 5. Being an independent woman Women who show they can have a full and satisfying life without the company of a man, are often more interesting and attractive to the eyes of men.
  • 6. Do some research on what he likes Instead of talking about yourself, which men really do not like, find out a little about him and ask things that make you seem interested in him.
  • 7. Be an outgoing woman Find people with whom you share common interests and practice some sports, arts or recreational activities. Its more interesting to be a woman who socializes, than a bitter woman, locked in the house and with no friends.
  • 8. Look always interesting Always make an impression with your outfit without showing too much; tight clothing increases the curiosity of a man much more than necklines.
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