How to keep your pets healthy and safe

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How To Keep Your Pets Healthy and Safe!

How To Keep Your Pets Healthy and Safe!


Vaccinations Complete the vaccination course of your pet to protect him, against potentially deadly diseases like:DistemperRabiesParvopanleukopenia

Keep Your Pet Active Incorporate exercise in his daily schedule. This could includeJogging, walking or runningPlaying any outdoor sport like Frisbee or soccer Also Feed Your Pet a Balanced and Nutritious Diet

Keep You Pet Clean Animals are like humans they need to be kept clean in order to be kept healthy.When they are dirty, animals attract parasites like;FleasTicksHeartworms

Learn How to do First Aid on your Pet and Maintain a First Aid Kit Having a pet is like having a baby there will be accidents and emergencies so its important to be prepared. You should learn how to react and know what to do if your pet:Comes into contact with Poison and ToxinsHas external woundsFracturesSeizuresBurnsChoking

It is crucial to keep the veterinarian number with you at all times, in case of emergencies

Routine Check-ups with the Veterinarian Just as we need regular check-ups to the doctor. Our pets need them too, to the Veterinarian. They assure us that everything is fine and if not then the underlying illness is discovered before it progresses.