How to keep yourself youthful

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    outh is not based on the number of years that you have been alive. There are

    factors that people base on when thinking of someone as youthful.

    Youth is about the age because many people can still function like a your

    person even when other people their age are struggling with the same physical and

    mental feat. A person who do not keep up with the trends often look old to other people.

    Even if you have been around for a very long time, you can still youthful to other

    peoples eyes. All you have to do is to keep your appearance keep up with the trend

    and keep yourself useful. If you want to know more about best wart removal products

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    Change the way you dress

    One factor that people base their judgment on when guessing your age is through the

    types of clothes that you wear and the way you dress up. You should look into a style

    that not only fits your age but also you position in society to avoid looking like a poser.

    Try to become fashion forward without looking like a poser or a hipster or without acting

    below your age and status. If you find the right style for you, you can still change it if you

    find a better style for your personality later on.

    Keep your skin blemish free

    Your skin is also a big factor that people consider when they have to guess your age.

    Your skin in the face should be kept clear if you want people to think that you are

    younger than the number of your age.


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    The problem of warts is common with aging individuals

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    Keep your body fit

    Never make age an excuse to stop working out. Your body needs to be more active

    when you are older because if it is not active, your muscles and bones will deteriorate


    Dancing and sports are also great ways to keep your body fit. You could also keep

    yourself busy by working on a handicraft project or by working on your car.