How to Stop Herding Cats

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  • 1.How to Stop Herding Cats: LeadingProject Teams Through the Chaos Session SFT 17 NA 2011Bill Fournet, President and CEOThe Persimmon Group PMI is a registered trade and service mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. PMI is a registered trade and service mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc. 2009 Permission isto PMI for PMI Marketplace use only only 2010 Permission is granted granted to PMI for PMI Marketplace use

2. Herding Cats 3. The ChaosTEAM PERFORMANCE CHALLENGES 4. Generational Navigation 5. Generational Navigation 6. Generational Navigation 7. Generational Navigation 8. Global Collaboration 9. Global CollaborationInternet1991WWW born199516 million users20051 billion users - 6,250% increase20112.8 billion usersCell Phone1980scellular networks born199591 million users20052 billion users20115 billion users 10. Global Collaboration 2008Today 22 M750+ M 120 M 170 M 1M100 M 12 M120 M 140 M 500+ M 11. So how farhave we come? 12. 1991 2011 13. 1991 2011 14. 1991 2011 15. 1991 2011 16. 1991 2011 17. Applying Principled Leadership to the ChaosHERDING THE CATS 18. Principled Leadership Values + Approach = The WayWe will consistently exceed our customers expectations.Dont bring issues without options.You must accept everyones opinion, but you do not have to approve it. Develop your replacement. 19. Principled LeadershipValues + Approach = The WayEstablishes boundariesEnables innovationEngages the workforce 20. New Ways to Lead 21. Traditional Collaborate and(Command & Control)AttackMicromanage, order-takers Support, self-directed, enable,hole fillers, cuttersMV CP E OPT 22. Defining the Principles The Role of a Principled Leader Makes decisions based on core values Allows their principles to drive theiractions Applies their ethical standards toshape their policies and businessdecisionsHow do you developprinciples within your team? Collaborate with team members todetermine the teams principles Evaluate if your business approachaligns with principles Defining the principles Establish the expectations for yourteam 23. Defining the PrinciplesBest PracticesPrinciples areaccessible byanyone withinthe organization Would you be willing to fire someone for not adhering to theprinciplesPrinciples shouldevoke an emotionalor visual reaction 24. Applying the Principles The Role of a Principled Leader Understands business diplomacy Enhances relationships and resolvesconflicts Holds to values even in high-pressuresituations How do you applyprinciples within your team? Talk the principles Walk the principles Enforce the principles Applying the Principles 25. Adjusting the PrinciplesThe Role of a Principled Leader Periodically reflect and evaluate if the culture is progressing in the right direction Evaluate the changes within the workplace(technologies and generational) How do you adjustprinciples within your team? Determine if the principles are embedded into the culture Have a lessons learned session Adjusting the Discuss if the tactics are effective forPrinciples implementing the teams principles 26. What does this look like?SUCCESSFUL CAT HERDING 27. Successful Cat Herding Leveraging Generational Differences Managing to Objectives Management Models Collaborative Problem Solving Effective Conflict Resolution 28. Bill FournetsContact InformationEmail: billfournet@thepersimmongroup.comPhone: 918.592.4121LinkedIn: billfournetTwitter: @billfournetSession: SFT 17 NA 2011