How to Wear a Coat the Right Way

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  1. 1. How to Wear a Coat the Right WayAny article on how you should wear a coat sounds incredibly patronising. However, thisis not going to be a piece on how you should wear a jacket. It is an article on the latestfashion trends and the various women's fashion styles you can opt for with this piece ofoutdoor wear. We are going to take a look at what's popular now and what you shouldwear some of these essential styles with.Caped CoatThe cape coat is a voluminous coat designed to cause an imbalance on top, whilstkeeping everything thin at the bottom. Women who rock this style prefer to weartighter cigarette-style trousers. Your arms will be exposed with this coat, but wearing apair of elbow length gloves can help, especially in cooler weather.Address:iKRUSH Ltd 86 Broad Street Glasgow, G40 2BAEmail: Phone: 0844 335 6099.Website:
  2. 2. Cropped CoatsCoat lengths must instil some sort of balance. Cropped coats work because they allowwomen to experiment with different numbers of layers and volume. They are ideal forwomen that are more petite. They can also be combined with dresses and high-waistedtrousers. These coats tend to work best with more solid colours.Knee-Length JacketsIn the winter, you will see practically everyone with a knee-length jacket of some sort.These are easy to wear because they can go with practically anything, unlike manyladies overcoats that demand a specific style of outfit.When you do wear knee-length jackets, make sure they cover your outfit completely.You should never have a floor-length skirt poking out from under the coat, for example.By doing this, you create a more streamlined look.Floor-Length CoatsFloor-length coats are a recent addition to designer collections. It is something that hastranslated into street fashion. They are designed for more formal events because of howdramatic they can be. If you do choose to wear this type of coat, you should opt for anoutfit that is minimalistic, streamlined, and relatively simple. At the moment, neutralcolours are recommended for floor-length coats, especially lighter browns.Trench CoatsTrench coats are a classic look that last year after year after year. If you want a coat thatis going to last you for a long time, this is what you want to have in your wardrobe. Atthe moment, the double-breasted design is the most popular combined with a neutralcolour. Most trench coats come with a waist belt, but you do not have to use it.Many women have decided to do away with the belt and add a contrasting belt theybought separately. There is nothing wrong with this and it can add some extra flair toyour outfit.DuffelsAll the jackets on this list have focused more on neutral colours with a change of style.Duffel coats offer something different. This is where you can really start to experimentwith colour during the cold winter months. Opt for something like bright red or brightyellow to bring out an otherwise depressing winter's day.You can wear them in any style you want. They work just as well buttoned up as they doundone.Address:iKRUSH Ltd 86 Broad Street Glasgow, G40 2BAEmail: Phone: 0844 335 6099.Website:
  3. 3. Original Source: Ltd 86 Broad Street Glasgow, G40 2BAEmail: Phone: 0844 335 6099.Website:


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