Learn to tie your shoe!

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Welcome: How to tie your shoe's! Description: An activity to help children learn to tie their shoes. Grade Level: k-2 Curriculum: Life Skills Keywords: Tie Shoes Author: Kaitlin Govey

Welcome: How to tie your shoes!Description: An activity to help children learn to tie their shoes. Grade Level: k-2Curriculum: Life SkillsKeywords: Tie ShoesAuthor: Kaitlin GoveyWelcome


Introduction Today you are going to learn how to tie your shoes!

TaskYou will learn how to tie your shoe by watching these video clips, listed below. We will use the easiest one to do, and practice it over and over again until you can tie your shoe on your own!


ProcessStart with the shoelaces hanging down to the sides of the shoe. Pick the shoelaces up and make an X shape.Bring the shoelace down to the bottom of the x and draw it through, then pull the laces tight.Make a loop out of the right lace with your right hand. Hold it tight, then make another loop out of the left lace with your left hand. The laces with look like two bunny ears.Cross the right loop in front of the left loop, making another XPull the right loop over the left loop. Bring it back and through the bottom of the X, then pull the loops tightly.All done!

Evaluation50%0%Followed the directionsYes, students participated.No, students did not participate.Participation Yes, students tried their best.No, students did not participate. Score: % /100

Conclusion Now that you have learned to tie your shoes, I should not have to tie it for you! Congratulations, you did it!