Let's Take A Look: Cecil & Allyn Shankel

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<ul><li> 1. For todays tour, were going to have a look around the house of Andy, Atropos, Boomer, Clotho, and Lachesis (and their humans Cecil and Allyn Shankel) at 150 Miller Drive. This house is in the main hood. The house was unoccupied when I took the pictures, but the Crazy Cat Lover challenge family will be moving in after the rebuild.</li></ul> <p> 2. The front of the house without all that distracting writing on it 3. Orientation shot of the second floor 4. The bedroom, including items for three cats 5. The view from the bed 6. The bathroom. The poem is about a cat. There are also two litter boxes (not shown). 7. The spare room upstairs 8. Orientation shot of the first floor 9. Spare items for kitties who come home from work with low motives 10. The kitchen 11. The living room, with equipment for two cats 12. The dining area -- there will eventually be money trees by the window, but those require a Sim to place 13. The front hall, looking into the study. The commemorative plates mark three careers topped. 14. Closer view of the study, with equipment for two cats 15. The rest of the study, with equipment for three cats. The litter box is indeed usable. 16. And thats all I have for you today! Please join me again next time, when we will return to our regularly scheduled programming.Until next time, Happy Simming!</p>