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  1. 1. LGBTQ
  3. 3. THE PROBLEM Some of us are female, some male Some of us are black, some white We are all due basic unalienable human rights* Pursuit of happiness, right to freedoms, right to not live in oppression, and right to express ones self *Declaration of Independence 3% 97% Population* Gay/lesbian
  4. 4. THE PROBLEM Almost 3.4 percent (9 Million people)* of us are gay or lesbian. We all pay taxes, buy property, find relationships, want children The LGBTQ community is treated unfairly, is denied rights, is shamed, is victimized, is attacked, and otherwise not accepted, and it shouldnt be this way! *In Developed First-World Countries Based Concurringly on 2006 CDC Statistics and a 2007 Gallup Poll 3% 97% Population* Gay/lesbian
  5. 5. INEQUALITIES Inequalities Human Rights non-existent Cant go to church without worry of being corrected or quizzed Cant have public recognition and show affection without fear of retaliation Normalcy is questioned
  6. 6. STONEWALL 1969 Birthplace of the modern Gay Rights movement. On June 28th, 1969, the patrons of the Stonewall Inn fought back against abuse. This fighting did not end with the 60s. It continues today all throughout the LGBTQ community.
  7. 7. 3% 97% Population* Gays & Lesbians RIGHTS A Quick Look at 46.8 M Women (45% of pop.) Womens Suffrage 1919 4.4 M Blacks (14% of pop.) Blacks Freedom 1865 9 M Gays & Lesbians (3.4% of pop.) Gay Lesbian Rights 2010 How do you compare when and how rights are distributed? *Census Data based on Google Population Fusion Tables
  8. 8. RIGHTS LGBTQ Rights are Withheld Marriage, children, Cant get married Whats worse is that society is not prepared: Lack of resources due to lack of education regarding this population Forced to conform to either Male or Female on forms
  9. 9. CAUSES Attitude, closed-mindedness, uneducated, laws, supporting stigma
  10. 10. VICTIMIZATION Beatings, killings, attacks, harassment 2 mos. ago, 15 people attacked a gay couple on the streets of Philadelphia, sending them to the hospital* No hate-crime as state does not sexual orientation covered under current law (even though the group admitted it was a hate-crime) Hate-crimes are down-played Justice is not present for LGBTQs *
  11. 11. VICTIMIZATION Victimization from Misidentification Boys Dont Cry Movie Clip true story of Brandon Teena Brandon was killed for misidentification, yet all who knew him closely knew he was a guy.
  12. 12. VICTIMIZATION 2008, Richmond, CA four men rape walking lesbian woman because shes gay 2008, Oxnard, CA 15 y.o. gay Lawrence King shot in the head by 14 y.o. Brandon McInerney 2008, Greeley, CO 20 y.o. transgender Angie Zapata killed when date discovers her Male Genitals. He tells police, he killed it. 2007, Greeneville, SC man punched to death for being gay outside bar, charges reduced.
  13. 13. CAUSES Fear, hate, difference, lack of education
  14. 14. SOLUTION We need to accept our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Human rights are a non-negotiable Discrimination is a Crime 68% of people favor including sexual orientation and gender identity in federal hate-crime law* What can we do? *
  15. 15. SOLUTION Awareness Knowledge/Education Skills Action
  16. 16. SOLUTION Awareness - aware of who you are, and how you are different from and similar to LGBTQ persons. Knowledge/Education - persons in your community, state and nation. Understanding the laws and policies that affect GLBT persons,
  17. 17. SOLUTION Skills - This involves developing skills you need to communicate your awareness and knowledge as an advocate. You can gain these skills through attending workshops & other ALLY training events, practicing awareness-raising in safe settings (e.g., with supportive friends & colleagues). Action: The most important, & scariest level. This step involves taking what you know, and what you have learned & feel strongly about concerning GLBT issues and helping to cause change in our society.
  18. 18. KNOWLEDGE Some girls have penises, some boys have a womb and ovaries How is this possible? Androgen Sensitivites! Androgen Sensitivity Syndrome Congential Adrenal Hyperplasia
  19. 19. CAUSES Education AND Awareness Remember: STAND UP, SPEAK UP, SHOW SUPPORT
  20. 20. CONCLUSION We are all human and due basic human rights We all want the same things: acceptance & expression, life pursuits, happiness Lets be aware of everyone being hated and discriminated. No forms of hate or violence are okay What if your child is born LGBTQ? Would you want them discriminated or attacked? Lets practice acceptance for our surrounding humans, who like us are just born.
  21. 21. CONCLUSION At the end of the day, you are not in control of the laws, decisions of others, or change, but You are in control of yourself, and DO influence others and the future Final Thought: If you are not able to marry, hold hands, have a child w/out intervention and counseling, or are beaten for being born the way you are, what does your quality of life look like?